Mario Golf: Super Rush Speed Golf Guide – Tips To Win In Speed Golf

Mario Golf: Super Rush is finally available on Nintendo Switch, and whether you’ve bought it for the meaty Adventure Mode or multiplayer antics with your friends, you will need to get used to the brand new golf variation that has been introduced in this entry, called Speed Golf.

Speed Golf, despite the name, is actually a bit slower than normal golf, since you have to chase after the ball after shooting, and not just warp to wherever it lands. But this race to your ball can actually cause plenty of multiplayer hijinks, the kind you’ll grow to adore with pals.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how Speed Golf works, and what you should be doing in order to get ahead of your opponents, even if that means sabotaging their shots. All’s fair in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

The Big Shot

When you first tee off, things aren’t too different than usual, though you should immediately take note of the weather conditions, the wind, and decide your shot trajectory with the overhead view on X. As soon as the countdown ends, you should take your shot, because the first player to do so, will be the first player on the fairway and making their run forward, able to pick up items.

Though, this can be a double-edged sword. If you’re the first player out, you could be the first player run down. Make sure you’re ready to use a Super Rush to get ahead if you make the first shot.

On The Run

Now that you’re running, it’s time to get well ahead. You can hold B to Sprint, but that uses Stamina. Super Rush can only be used while your stamina bar is green, and takes a hefty chunk away, though it can either be recovered over time, or by picking up items.

If you need to get through a section of Rough or a Bunker, the Super Rush will help – but once you Super Rush, it’s tough to stop or turn, so make sure you are ready to slow down before you get to your ball.

Hearts And Coins

On the fairway you’ll notice hearts and coins to pick up as you run along. Coins are added to your wallet, which honestly isn’t all that useful, so you should only grab these if they’re in your path anyway. Hearts, meanwhile, will recharge your Stamina, meaning you can Sprint for longer. If you’re almost full anyway, you can Super Rush into a Heart, which will give you a chunky Stamina refill before you’ve even gone anywhere.

Running Down Enemies

When other players are on the fairway, chasing after their own balls, they can be considered targets. You can use a Super Rush to slam into enemies, stunning them, and forcing them to drop a portion of their collected coins.

Kick Balls Away

Similar to the previous tip, if you see an opponent’s ball on the fairway, you can use a Super Rush to charge into it and knock it away – into the Rough, or a Bunker, if you can. If you manage to hit both your opponent and their ball in a single Super Rush, you deserve an award.

Score Or Speed

Depending on the rules of the game, either your overall score or speed in which you finish could decide who the victor is. In multiplayer you can set either rule or combine them, while during the Adventure Mode it’ll be decided for you. Either way, you should always be aiming to sink your balls as quickly as possible, and with as few shots as you can muster.

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