Mario Golf: Super Rush – How To Use Character Points And Level Up

In Mario Golf: Super Rush there’s a fairly robust Adventure Mode to play through which involves levelling up your Mii character to be a competitive golfer, on the same level as Mario, Peach, and the rest of the legendary Mario crew. Even Wario and Waluigi are revered as skilled golfers in this world.

You’ll need to do a lot in order to keep up as a humble Mii character in a world filled with Mario monsters, but luckily each level you raise will give you the strength you need to continue, and even beat out those overpowered opponents.

In this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about Character Points in Mario Golf: Super Rush, and which stats you should focus on levelling up in order to make your Mii character as competitive as possible.

All Stats In Mario Golf: Super Rush Explained

Here are all of the stats you can choose in Mario Golf: Super Rush, with an explainer on what each one changes.


Your Power is pretty obvious. The more power you have, the further you can hit the ball with your best club. This is a great stat to level up, as you should be able to reach the Green in fewer shots.


Stamina is the bar that appears when running during Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and XC Golf (which we have a guide for here, by the way). If you want to Sprint further and use the Super Rush more often, you’ll need a bigger Stamina bar.


Your Speed is how fast your character can run across the fairway and the rough – though this does not effect the speed of a Super Rush.


Your Control over the ball relates to how far you can hit the ball in a straight line, and will make teeing off from uneven ground much easier. It also change how much your ball will curve in the air, depending on your inputs when driving.


Spin changes how much your ball can spin when hitting the ground. If you’re using the Top Spin and Back Spin strategies, you can make your ball worm its way closer to the Green and the hole, so this is a good stat to use.

Stats May Decrease Over Time

Now, one thing you won’t be aware of when you first start out is that your stats can actually go down. Power and Stamina will never decrease, luckily, but the other stats can and will, since, unlike Power and Stamina, they can actually be maxed out.

Power and Stamina are safe bets to invest in because of this, but if your other stats do decrease, you’ll often get a double increase on that stat the next time you invest a point.

Best Stats To Level Up In Mario Golf: Super Rush

The best stats to upgrade are unquestionably Power and Control. These will matter in every single golf game, regardless of the mode you’re playing in. These stats will always help you.

Next up will be Stamina, which can heavily change your fortune in Speed Golf and XC Golf.

Other than those, you should spread your points equally.

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