Make-A-Wish Teen Joins NBA 2K20’s Roster

In a very touching move on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and NBA 2K20‘s developer and publisher, a kid with various health issues was put into NBA 2K20.

Georgia-born William Floyd experienced heart failure at a young age of 18 months old. Experiencing heart issues and muscle weakness from then on, he had been diagnosed with a disorder that restricts him from playing sports in the same way as other children. Yet, NBA 2K20 developer Visual Concepts was able to put the child in-game using the necessary scanning technology used for inserting actors’ appearances and movements in other games.

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As noted by GameSpot, this is the first time that a person not in the athletic community or involved with professional sports has been scanned into a sports game. Not only do players get to view his identical appearance in the game, but players also get to utilize a number of dance moves as William’s in-game avatar.

Ronnie Singh, the digital marketing director for NBA 2K, spoke out about the opportunity to put William in NBA 2K20.

Expressing excitement over William’s wish to visit the 2K studio, Singh said that the development team was ultimately “humbled” by the opportunity to meet him and put him in-game. Singh said there was no better way to fulfill his wish than to bring William’s “passion to life in-game” and have players experience playing as William in-game.

Similar to the method used for other NBA athletes, numerous motion capture cameras were used to scan William’s movement. Meanwhile, William’s appearance was recreated in-game with 146 Pixelgun cameras.

William said that he was able to record a dance move, as is the case with the way other NBA stars dance celebratorily before entering the court.

This is a very heartwarming move from Visual Concepts and 2K. Not only was this an exciting opportunity for William and the team, but it gave William an opportunity to be distracted from his treatment and illness while the development went above and beyond to help William’s dream come true. William’s mother expressed gratitude toward the gesture and seemed astounded by all that William was able to do with the game.

“It was absolutely unbelievable,” she said.

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