Mafia Management Sim City Of Gangsters Reveals Supply And Demand Tips Video

City of Gangsters is an incoming mafia management strategy sim from independent video game developer SomaSim and publisher Kasedo Games. Kasedo recently posted a gameplay video to its YouTube channel featuring how supply and demand work in-game, along with showcasing details of how the game looks and plays so far.

According to its Steam placeholder page, City of Gangsters is currently scheduled for a 2021 planned release date. It’s set in 1920, at the start of Prohibition in America, and you jump into the world of organized crime by starting up a bootlegging business. You’ll have to secure the raw materials and resources needed for making various alcoholic beverages, establish a well-hidden supply chain to smuggle resources in and finished products out, set up fronts to distribute from, and hire a lot of muscle to help keep the whole operation safe and secure.

But first things first. The City of Gangsters – Mafia Management (Ep. 1 – Supply & Demand) video looks to be the first in a series of gameplay guides for the game, and it begins with describing how the supply and demand process works. Narrating the video is the character Gene Wilson, whose fledgling bootlegging business is slowly taking over the west side of Chicago. As Wilson introduces you to the scope of the operation, you’re also shown the general UI of the game, along with menus, icons, how the game tracks supply routes, and the well-crafted details of the city’s buildings.

Bootlegger territories are outlined in different colors, making it easy to see who has access to the speakeasies throughout the city. The Baumann’s control territory right next to yours, and Wilson explains how his operation isn’t yet strong enough to challenge them for turf directly, so it’s better to diversify instead. He shows you how to identify where supply for alcohol is in demand, making it easier for you to look for and buy space to set up a distillery nearby.

The video continues on with a look at securing more resources to keep your operation in supply, how to hire delivery drivers to move your goods through the city, and how to make sure you’re selling your goods through people you can trust not to rat you out. Wilson ends by saying those connections and trust concerns will be addressed in detail in the next video.

Developer videos such as this are great for keeping players’ interest peaked. Follow the City of Gangsters Twitter channel for more info.

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