Lone Echo II Has Been Moved to Late 2021

This summer was set to be the season of big virtual reality (VR) blockbusters with the likes of After the Fall and Lone Echo II both landing after several delays. As sure as autumn follows summer more delays have inevitably happened with Ready at Dawn confirming today that Lone Echo II has been pushed back to later this year.

It was only last month that Ready at Dawn announced the 24th August launch date, now changing its mind only three weeks later that the sci-fi adventure for Oculus Rift won’t be ready. It’s understandable considering how well the original did and how highly anticipated the sequel is.

In a blog post, the studio said: “We have been working hard to deliver the very best experience possible and we are eager to have you join Liv and Jack in their adventures once again. However, as we get closer to launch day, it has become clear that we needed a bit more time to polish and reach our desired quality level. As such, Lone Echo II’s launch date will be moved to later this year.”

Unfortunately, the ambiguous statement indicates the team might need a while longer to finesse Lone Echo II’s gameplay considering a new date hasn’t been set. Lone Echo II is now going to be one of the big winter releases by the looks of it, maybe Facebook Connect will unearth new details?

It seems a long time ago now but VRFocus did preview Lone Echo II during Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019. Saying at the time that it: “still looks as detailed and stunning to look at as the first instalment, having that broody looking horror sci-fi feel as if you’re in a scene from Alien.” Now we’re even more intrigued to see how much has changed.

In Lone Echo II you continue your role as Jack, an android tasked with aiding Captain Olivia Rhodes’ survival in deep space. In complete zero-g environments, you can explore by grabbing hold of objects or using wrist-mount boosters. You also have a range of tools built into your hands to solve various puzzles.

The original Lone Echo from 2017 is still available at a discounted rate of £7.99 GBP ($9.99 USD) which was supposed to last until the 24th. It’s unclear if this will be extended so if you’ve been thinking about grabbing the title now might be a good time. For continued updates keep reading VRFocus.

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