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Once the Near Future chapter of Live A Live has gotten well underway, Akira can give items to Doc Tobei at the antique shop. Doing so will refine them into different items, though the exact results can vary due to Tobei's eccentric methods. Nevertheless, refining items at the antique shop is the only way to get some of the best gear available to Akira and Taroimo.

Since item refinement in the Near Future can feel like a roll of the dice, it helps to know what the possible outcomes for each item are. Read on to plan your refinement!

This article contains minor spoilers for Live A Live.

How Does Item Refinement Work?

When you give an item to Doc Tobei, he will bring it to his basement lab, tinker with it, then return. From there, he will either give the item back unchanged or present you with a different item. If Tobei fails to transform the item you gave him, you can always try again until he produces something; the original item isn't lost until the refinement process is successful.

Rarely, Tobei will inform you that there isn't anything he can do with a particular item. Some advanced refinements aren't unlocked until later in the chapter. Try coming back after defeating the boss at Tsukuba Labs to see if any new refinements are available.

Robotic Enhancements can never be refined. They can instead be used from the Inventory screen to enhance Taroimo's stats, or saved for the Final Chapter to do the same for Cube.

You may get different results from refining the same item, and a refinement can even result in a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Since it's all random, it can be worth saving your game before you start handing over your hard-won equipment to Tobei.

Item Refinement Chart

Refer to the following chart to find out what you can get out of your refinement attempts. The chart shows what you'll usually get from refining an item, but occasionally the random nature of the process might cause you to get something different.

IngredientLocationUsual ResultEffects
100 Volt LaserTsukuba Labs weapon lockers.Poison Spray
  • Use during combat to paralyze and poison enemies.
B-Ball KicksStarts equipped to Akira.Steel-toed Boots
  • +4 Defense
  • +12 Physical Attack
Banana CrepeEarned at the Taiyaki Stand.Matango Lite
  • Heal and buff the user and adjacent allies.
Baseball GloveStarts equipped to Akira.Bowling Ball
  • Basic weapon for Taroimo.
  • Best used for further refinement.
Biker BootsRefined from various other items.Taeko's Secret Stash
  • Defense +3
Biker's BeltRefined from various other items.Jushin Wrestling Shirt
  • Defense +14
  • Physical Attack +10
Bowling BallRefined from Baseball Glove.Taeko's Furious Fist
  • Attack +14
CapReceived from Watanabe.Shampoo Hat
  • Defense +1
First Aid KitReceived from Watanabe.Misawa Special
  • Restores HP and buff the user.
Fragmentation GrenadeTsukuba Labs weapon lockers.Stun Gun
  • Physical Defense +5
  • Taroimo learns new moves when equipped.
Full-Body TightsOrphanage clothesline.Biker's Belt
  • Physical Defense +2
  • Physical Attack +4
Gold HairpinRefined from Poop Patrol Badge.Occult Pendant
  • Special Attack +8
  • Physical Attack -2
  • Physical Defense -2
  • Speed -2
Guts & Glory SpecialEarned at Taiyaki Stand.No.9 Potion
  • Fully heal all allies and remove status effects.
Matango LiteRefined from Banana Crepe.No.9 Potion
  • Fully heal all allies and remove status effects.
Matron's CrochetOrphanage washing machine.Sweats
  • Defense +3
MisangaReceived from Aki.Power Wristguard
  • +2 Defense
  • +4 Physical Attack
Misawa SpecialEarned at Taiyaki StandNo.9 Potion
  • Fully heal all allies and remove status effects.
Napalm GrenadeDropped by enemies.Plasma Spark
  • Physical Defense +5
  • Taroimo learns new moves when equipped.
Plasma SparkRefined from Napalm Grenade.Poison Spray
  • Use during combat to paralyze and poison enemies.
Poop Patrol BadgeDropped by Tense Suits at Tsukuba Labs.Gold Hairpin
  • Special Attack +8
Punk's JacketRefined from various other itemsBiker's Belt
  • Physical Defense +2
  • Physical Attack +4
Steel-Toed BootsRefined from B-Ball Kicks.Biker Boots
  • Defense +2
  • Physical Attack +6
SweatsStarts equipped to Akira.Full-Body Tights
  • Defense +7
Taeko's PictureReceived from Watanabe.Biker's Belt
  • Physical Defense +2
  • Physical Attack +4
Taeko's PouchReceived from Watanabe.Full-Body Tights
  • Defense +7
Taeko's Secret StashReceived from WatanabeBiker Boots
  • Defense +2
  • Physical Attack +6
Throwing KnifeTsukuba Labs weapon lockers.Fragmentation Grenade
  • Use during combat to deal damage.
Watanabe's BadgeOrphanage clothesline.Taeko's Pouch
  • Defense +2
Watanabe's Pocket LintReceived from Watanabe.Sweats
  • Defense +3

How To Get The Showa Chick Launcher

Once you've gotten some advanced weaponry from Tsukuba Labs, you can develop a powerful robotic accessory called the Showa Chick Launcher. As good as the item is, don't equip it to Taroimo. Instead, keep it in your inventory so that you can equip it to Cube in the Final Chapter.

Start by refining any of the accessories that Taroimo can equip into a Poison Spray. Refine the Poison Spray further, and it will become either Kotobuki Lacquer or a Rock Launcher. Whichever item you get, keep on refining it; you'll get either a Showa Goldfish Launcher or an Angel Bottle. These are both useful, but you're not done yet! Refine the item one last time to get the Showa Chick Launcher.

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