Let’s Build A Zoo: Beginner Tips

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  • Let Baby Animals Stay With Their Parents For A While
  • Separate Animal Species Can Live Together
  • Don't Buy Too Many Buses
  • Be Wary Of How Quickly Animals Breed
  • Set A Reasonable Ticket Price
  • Create Shops To Increase Your Zoo's Income
  • Pay Close Attention To Your Zoo's Size
  • Trading Is Essential

Zoos offer an interesting experience because you can visit and sometimes even interact with hundreds of unique animals that don't typically live in your region. Owning your own zoo would be a dream come true for many people, which is why Let's Build a Zoo is a one-of-a-kind simulation game, especially for pixel art fans.

There are lots of animals to collect and things to build in Let's Build a Zoo, and you can even create combinations of other animals for thousands of unique creatures. You may need a few tips to make settling into your new life as a zookeeper a bit easier, so here are some pieces of advice that will aid you on your quest to build the best zoo imaginable.

Let Baby Animals Stay With Their Parents For A While

Infant animals can stay with their parents for a short time after they give birth. The longer they're with their parents, the longer visitors will have to wait to see them as an attraction. However, it's possible to take the infants away from their parents early, but we don't recommend it because you'll increase your negative morality.

Additionally, you'll gain an increase in positive morality if you allow the infant animals to stay with their parents longer, so there's an incentive to that as well.

Separate Animal Species Can Live Together

There's limited space to house all of your animals when first starting out in Let's Build a Zoo. As such, you can allow certain animals of different species to live with each other in the same enclosure. The free space in each specific enclosure, as well as the threat level, are what you can use to determine whether two species can live together in harmony. This is an easy way to save some space, so this tip is worth utilizing if you ever need it.

Don't Buy Too Many Buses

You'll need to buy buses if you want customers to check out your zoo. This is an integral part of creating a zoo; however, having an unnecessary surplus of buses can block the entrance. As such, you need to be careful how many buses you buy, based on the number of visitors you have coming to the zoo.

Be Wary Of How Quickly Animals Breed

Animals in Let's Build a Zoo can multiply incredibly fast if you aren't paying attention. Dozens of a species can easily turn into hundreds, which can present a problem if you don't have enough space or resources for the new animals. Make sure to track how many of a species you have at any given time, as well as how quickly they're breeding so that you can prepare for any situation.

Set A Reasonable Ticket Price

The amount a ticket to your zoo costs is important so that you can make money. It's important to set it high enough that you earn a decent amount of money, but it's also possible to set it too high as well for what you're offering.

As you can imagine, a high or excessive ticket price isn't attractive to a potential customer, so it's important to keep in mind what your zoo offers and what it's worth paying for it to gain a consistent flow of visitors.

Create Shops To Increase Your Zoo's Income

You can place shops inside your zoo to increase your income, which is essential if you want to make the most money possible. It's important to set shops up in key areas with many visitors so that you can gain a lot of customers, and therefore, more money.

Pay Close Attention To Your Zoo's Size

Expanding on your zoo is important, and you need to make sure to be constantly improving it in various ways. As you play, your zoo is bound to get larger, but you need to be careful not to grow it at a rate that's too quick, otherwise you won't be prepared for the size.

When you have a bigger zoo, there's more required for upkeep. For example, you'll need to create more bathrooms to accommodate the extra guests who visit your zoo. You'll also need to hire extra employees as the zoo grows in size. Make sure you're prepared with upgrades to your zoo before you expand, otherwise you'll end up in a frustrating situation where the zoo is severely lacking in necessities.

Trading Is Essential

Although it may not be clear to new players initially, trading is a very important part of Let's Build a Zoo. You can look for potential animal trades on the map, and trading can even unlock new opportunities. If you want to grow your zoo and get as many animals as possible, then you'll need to trade, which in turn unlocks extra ways to grow on the map.

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