League Of Legends: New Trailer For Upcoming Arcane Series Shows Jinx Flashbacks

Not too long ago, we found out that Riot Games will be releasing a new animated series based on League of Legends called Arcane. The show is aimed at a 14+ audience, so we can expect that it will include content not just targeting children. The series seems to be an origin story for Jinx and Vi, so we’re hoping to see how one became a terrorist while the other became a sheriff who is trying to stop her. Arcane was originally set to release in 2020, but the series was delayed, due to Covid, so it will now be coming out in Fall 2021. But for now, we’ve at least just been given a new look at the show with a trailer focused on Jinx.

The first half of the trailer shows Jinx tentatively walking through what looks to be an abandoned building. She finds an old boxing game that’s proven to be related to Jinx’s sister, Vi. Following this, the trailer suddenly takes a much different flavor after Jinx decides to shoot a bird that landed nearby and was watching her. We see Jinx kickstart a machine and then go to town, beating it relentlessly as she reflects on a bunch of—what seem to be—traumatizing memories from her past. Through her tears, she shows off her unbelievable combat skills that have left fans reeling. At the very least, this trailer certainly highlights Jinx’s power and makes us stoked to see more of what she can do in Arcane.

In other League of Legend news, we found out earlier this month that TSM—Team SoloMid—had found a new sponsor who decided to spend $210 million to change the team’s name to TSM FTX. The amount spent on such a change is evidence that esports are still rapidly growing. The Team should be able to use this extra money effectively, as they aim to run the show in League of Legends, Pubg, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, and Valorant.

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