LA Noire Part 2 rumoured to be secret Rockstar game, not GTA 6

Rockstar’s recent spate of mysterious images may have nothing to do with GTA 6 but instead a sequel to LA Noire set in the 80s.

Something is going on with Rockstar Games at the moment and the obvious assumption has always been that it’s related to a new Grand Theft Auto, especially after what seemed to be hints about the location in the most recent GTA Online update.

But just before then, fans pondered over two peculiar images that Rockstar uploaded to its website, particularly the first one which featured a very 80s looking bit of robot artwork.

Some people theorised that it was a hint of an 80s setting for GTA 6, perhaps including a return to Vice City, but the latest rumour suggests it’s actually a sequel to LA Noire.

The rumours come from an unusual but compelling source and revolve around a YouTube channel for LA Noire Part 2 which was autogenerated by YouTube itself.

YouTube creates channels automatically when it sees lots of videos on the same subject and in this case it seems to have found a host of 80s music tracks attributed to LA Noire Part 2 and licensed by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s owners.

Amongst these was a reference to K.T.I., the fictional radio station for the original LA Noire that the songs were seemingly intended to be played on.

The channel has, predictably, been shut down but it was noticed on Reddit and while it could still be a hoax it would be a particularly complex and pointless one if it was.

A sequel to LA Noire would make sense, as the original was always successful and after years of silence Rockstar suddenly released remasters and VR versions starting in 2017 – which at the time seemed like an attempt by them to gauge interest in a sequel.

And while original developer Team Bondi is no more, Rockstar itself already handled the remasters and was heavily involved in the original game (which caused the falling out with Team Bondi in the first place).

Does any of that make talk of a sequel true? No, but the 80s theme does make a lot a sense and there was plenty of film noir (or neo-noir as it’s usually referred to) during that era that Rockstar could riff off of, such as Michael Mann’s Thief, Blood Simple, and To Live & Die in L.A.

Although even if all this is true there’s still no indication of when they might make an official announcement…

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