Kingdom Hearts 3: How To Get The Ultima Weapon

Kingdom Hearts 3 has its share of different weapons and gear for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Sora's best Keyblade is the Ultima Weapon, which carries on a tradition from other games in the series. It comes with both Combo Boost & Air Combo Boost skills and has the highest Strength and Magic stats which is 13 (oh, Nomura).

To gain access to the Ultimate Weapon, you'll have to obtain its recipe and then craft it. The crafting materials needed for the weapon are easy to find except for Orichalcum+, which will take a bit of effort to track down.

How to Unlock Ultima Weapon Recipe In Kingdom Hearts 3

Acquiring the recipe for the Ultima Weapon is not hard. Rather than keeping it a secret, the Moogle Shop will tell you what requirements you need to fulfil before you get the recipe as a reward. To get the recipe, you will need to find 58 different synthesis materials throughout Kingdom Hearts 3. There are several ways of getting synthesis materials. The most common is for them to be dropped after defeating Heartless, Nobodies, or Unversed. You can also find them in some treasure chests and by destroying space rocks while in your Gummi Ship.

To collect your rewards after collecting a certain number of synthesis materials, you can head to any Moogle Workshop found in each world. Interact with the shop and go to the Collector's Goals in the Workshop tab. Here you can collect all the rewards and check your progress. Once you have 58 synthesis materials, turn them in for Save the Queen+, Save the King+, and the Ultima Weapon's recipe.

Crafting the Ultima Weapon In Kingdom Hearts 3

After acquiring the recipe, you will need materials to craft the Ultima Weapon. The ingredients are seven Orichalcum+, two Wellspring Crystal, two Lucid Crystal, and two Pulsing Crystal. For Wellspring Crystal, you can run Battlegate 12 in the Northern District in San Fransokyo. For Lucid Crystal, you can run Battlegate 10 in the Caribbean. For Pulsing Crystal, you can farm Power Wild Heartless in the Kingdom of Corona.

The hardest out of these materials to find is Orichalcum+, as there are very specific things you need to do to get it. Ultima Weapon uses all the Orichalcum+ you can find in the game for its crafting. For Orichalcum+, we have a complete guide on where to find it here.

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