"Keep Your Politics" Games Bundle Showcases Political Indie Titles On Steam

A new games bundle on Steam has curated a selection of politically charged indie titles. The “Keep Your Politics” bundle is going for $38 USD, and contains six indie games. According to game publisher The Dairymen, these games were chosen because they “have important messages to share about the powers controlling politics and the people trying to survive its effects.”

First on the list is Headliner: NoviNews. This simulator puts you in the role of a journalist, choosing which stories to publish. The game’s trailer promises that choices matter, with articles ideologically influencing the country of Novistan. Reviews favorably compare the title to Papers, Please, with a similar balance of doing what you believe is right, but also keeping your boss happy.

Next there’s 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. This unique game is based off testimony from eyewitnesses, documenting real events surrounding the 1979 Iranian revolution. The game’s director, Navid Khonsar, was a child at the time of these events, and wanted to use this choice-based adventure game to help players understand the ambiguity of the situation.

Also on the list is Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You. This game puts you in the shoes of Big Brother, tasked with trawling through the private information of countless citizens, so you can track down those responsible for terror attacks. According to the game’s description, the information you decide is important enough to show your higher ups will have consequences, as the game explores the dangers of the information we put out about ourselves everyday being misinterpreted.

On a similar note there’s Orwell’s Animal Farm, a text-based adventure centered around George Orwell’s story of the same name. With the human masters overthrown, it is the players job to control society on the farm—assigning animals to tasks, making laws, and of course, creating propaganda.

For a change of pace, there’s Bury Me, My Love. This emotive title takes place through instant messenger, documenting the story of a Syrian refugee called Nour, who had to leave her husband behind to flee war. The player assumes the role of her husband, Majid, and you guide her through her journey to Europe. The game’s description claims there are 50 different locations for Nour to visit, and 19 different endings.

And last in the bundle is Not Tonight. The game takes place in an alternate history in which Brexit talks collapsed between the EU and the UK. A far-right government takes control of the country, rounding up anyone who isn’t of British heritage. Playing as one of these EU citizens, you take work as a bouncer so you can earn your way back to the city you lived in before. Gameplay wise, it’s described as a management game, with time-pressured RPG mechanics.

Each game in the bundle is currently available at a discount for the weekend, and the bundle itself is at a 48% price reduction.

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