Judgment Might Be The Next Yakuza Title Coming To Xbox Game Pass

It looks like Yakuza spin-off title Judgement might be headed to Xbox Game Pass, joining the rest of the Yakuza franchise available on the service.

In typical Xbox fashion, the announcement of Judgment coming to Xbox Game Pass has seemingly been hidden within a tweet. The tweet in question listed 280 characters that can be found in games that are currently on Game Pass. In the middle of the second column, Judgment protagonist Takayuki Yagami has been listed, hinting that the game may soon be announced for the service.

Not long after, probably as a joke, Xbox Game Pass then followed up the tweet with an edited version of the list with Yagami’s name crossed out. It’s unlikely that this is actually a mistake and the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is known in the industry as being a bit of a joker. It’s likely that the account included Yagami’s name, nobody noticed it, so it decided to bring more attention to it.

Judgment coming to Xbox Game Pass has always seemed like a matter of “when” rather than “if” since the rest of the Yakuza franchise is on the service as well. It would also be a great opportunity for Xbox fans to play the first game before the sequel releases later this year.

In case you missed the announcement, Lost Judgment was revealed last month and will continue Yagami’s story as he heads to Yokohama, the setting of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has recently confirmed that the Lost Judgement will remain action-oriented and will not pivot to turn-based combat, unlike the main series.

We also know that Lost Judgment will include a playable Master System with at least two classic games on it and that Sonic Fighters will be playable in arcades found throughout the game. Lost Judgment is set to launch on September 24 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you want to catch up by playing the first game, you may be interested to know that the developer recently slashed the price to celebrate 1 million sales.

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