Indiana Jones Easter Eggs Were On Display During Todd Howard Interview Last Year

Earlier today, Bethesda and Machine Games revealed they’re working on a new Indiana Jones title. However, one eagle-eyed fan noticed that Todd Howard was teasing the game months ago.

During an interview with Xbox about its recent acquisition of Bethesda, a few items from the Indiana Jones franchise can be seen on the shelves behind Howard. These include a miniature replica of the Ark of the Covenant and what looks to be a model of the Golden Fertility Statue from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Check it out for yourself in the images below:

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming title, but fans have seen more than enough to be excited. Machine Games was responsible for Wolfenstein: New Order – a fantastic entry in the long-running series. It’ll be curious to see the direction that its team, combined with the others at Bethesda and Lucasfilm, takes the IP. Recent entries in the franchise have been of the Lego variety, and this will likely be the first “realistic” title in over a decade.

Bethesda is yet to announce a release date or availability for the title, allowing room for fans to speculate it could be an Xbox exclusive. Fingers crossed we hear more in the coming months.

Until then, you might as well jump back into Lego Indiana Jones 2. It’s a classic.

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