Immortals Fenyx Rising: Guide to Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board Challenges

Once you have progressed past the Clashing Rocks tutorial area in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll find the whole of the Golden Isle is open and waiting for you to explore. One of the places you’ll be frequenting a lot is the Hall of the Gods, as this is where you can speak to Hermes and the other gods you meet, as well as change your appearance, upgrade abilities, craft potions, and more.

One of the features at the Hall of the Gods is Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board, where players can accept challenges that Hermes presents in order to receive some extra rewards. If you’re overwhelmed by the seemingly-herculean amount of tasks that Hermes offers, we’ve got a guide detailing exactly everything you need to know just below.

About the Heroic Tasks Board

Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board offers two kinds of challenges — Heroic Tasks and Live Tasks. The Heroic tasks are split into four categories: Battle Tasks, Vaults of Tartaros Tasks, Exploration Tasks, and Myth Challenges Tasks, and these are all shown on the left-hand side of the board.

The rewards for the Heroic Tasks include Adamantine Shards, Ambrosia, Zeus’s Lightning, Golden Amber, and various weapons and armor. Some weapons are listed multiple times as rewards, but any subsequent times an armor of the same name is obtained, it is actually a reskin of the original for customization purposes. The Ultimate Armor sets all have different names but are all reskins of the Armor of Bright Divinity set.

On the right-hand side of the board are the Live Tasks, and these can only be accepted and viewed if you are online. These tasks change regularly and so are never-ending in that respect. These special tasks reward players with Elektrum, which can be spent at Hermes’ Fleet-Footed Merch store by speaking to him in the Hall of the Gods.

Completing all 36 of the Heroic tasks will unlock the “More than Twelve Labours” achievement/trophy. Live Tasks do not count towards this accolade.

Remember, if you can’t find a certain vault, chest type, or type of Myth Challenge, you can use Far Sight to scan your surroundings and locate any nearby points of interest.

Battle Tasks

The Battle tasks will challenge you to defeat a range of enemies, from aggressive animals (such as bears and lions) to wraiths of legendary heroes, right up to unique boss monsters. When it comes to the bosses, we’ve got handy guides as to their locations and how to defeat them listed next to the appropriate tasks.

Battle Tasks Guide

Hunter Hype — Defeat ten Animals (bears, boars, lions, etc).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, 120x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 60x PurpleAdamantine Shards.

Supernatural Skirmish — Defeat 20 Soldiers of the Dead.

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Challenger Sword, and 230x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Mythmaker — Defeat 40 Mythical Monsters (Harpies, Cyclopes, Minotaurs, etc).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Challenger Sword, and 455x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Bureaucratic Warfare — Defeat three Lieutenants (all Lieutenant locations are listed as part of our Wing Collection Guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, 395x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 205x Purple Adamantine Shards.

Common Enemy — Defeat 80 enemies.

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Challenger Sword, and 910x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Legendary — Defeat 5 Legendary Monsters (Legendary Monster guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, 255x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 105 Purple Adamantine Shards.

The Hornet’s Nest — Defeat three Wraiths in their lairs (Wraith Lair Guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Sprint Runner Sword, and 1825x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Cut Out the Middle Man — Defeat eight Lieutenants (all Lieutenant locations are listed as part of our Wing Collection Guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Sprint Runner Sword, and 4560x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Legends of the Brawl — Defeat ten Legendary Monsters (Legendary Monster Guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Heartbreaker Sword, 530x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 410x Purple Adamantine Shards.

Boss Beast — Collect all four Mythical Fragments by defeating the four Mythical Monster Bosses (Mythical Monster Boss Guide).

Reward: 2x Coins of Charon, Divine Providence Helm (Ultimate Armor), Divine Providence Armor (Ultimate Armor), and 615x Purple Adamantine Shards.

Vaults of Tartaros Tasks

The Vaults of Tartaros Tasks will have you completing various vaults. There are two different kinds of vaults in the game, as well as varying difficulties and objectives within. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know.

  • Normal Vaults: Vaults that are full of puzzles for you to solve.
  • Arena Vaults: Vaults that only have one area, in which you must defeat waves of enemies. These are generally called “Arena of…”. (arena vault locations are covered in our Molten Fragment Guide).
  • Difficulty: Each vault will be marked with one to three Typhon heads, depicting its difficulty. One head is easy difficulty, two heads are medium difficulty, and three heads indicate hard difficulty.
  • Objectives: Each vault has more than one objective, one is to loot the chest at the end of the vault and this is a non-missable objective. However, some vaults contain additional optional chests. You can see how many chests are in each vault when you examine the vault, or from the menu when inside the vault. Tasks that require you to complete all objectives want you to find all chests within the vault.

Vaults of Tartaros Tasks Guide

Graverobber — Loot six optional chests found in vaults.

Reward: Ambrosia, Axe of Atalanta, 230x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 80x Purple Adamantine Shards.

Gravedigging — Complete six Normal Vaults.

Reward: Ambrosia, Axe of Atalanta, 120x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 105x Purple Adamantine Shards.

Convenient Place to Die — Complete two Arena Vaults (Arena Vault locations are covered in our Molten Fragment Guide).

Reward: Ambrosia, 455x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 255x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Fenyx of the Dead — Complete three hard difficulty vaults.

Reward: Ambrosia, Guardian’s Axe, 910x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 205x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Orphean Groupie — Complete all objectives in 22 Normal Vaults.

Reward: Ambrosia, 1,825x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 395x Adamantine Yellow Shards.

Undertaker — Collect Molten Fragments from five Arena Vaults (Molten Fragment Guide)

Reward: Ambrosia, Guardian’s Axe, and 410x Purple Adamantine Shards.

An Overbearing Guest — Complete all Objectives in ten hard difficulty vaults.

Reward: Ambrosia, 530x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 610x Purple Adamintine Shards.

Death Becomes Fenyx — Collect all 10 Molten Fragments from Arena Vaults (Molten Fragment Guide).

Reward: Ambrosia, Helm of Sacred Silver (Ultimate Armor), Armor of Sacred Silver (Ultimate Armor), and 4,560x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Exploration Tasks

Many of the exploration tasks require you to find and open certain kinds of chests. There are four different kinds of chests in total in the game, each of which has a different icon on the map/compass. They are as follows:

  • Normal Chest: Plain chest icon.
  • Guarded Chest: Chest icon with weapons next to it. (Player must defeat enemies near the chest in order to open it).
  • Epic Chest: Chest icon with armor next to it. (Players must solve a puzzle in order to access and open the chest).
  • Night Chest: Chest icon with a blue crescent moon next to it (At night time, players must defeat the enemies in order to open the chest — Night Chest Guide).

Exploration Tasks Guide:

Food of the Gods — Collect six Ambrosia.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, 230x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 120x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Faithful Steed — Tame one breed of mount (Mount Guide).

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, Bow of Odysseus, and 125x Red Adamantine Shards.

Otherworldly Possessions — Open seven Normal Chests.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, 455x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 255x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Worth Fighting For — Open seven Guarded Chests.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, Bow of Odysseus, and 125x Red Adamantine Shards.

Healthy Harvest — Collect 25 Ambrosia.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, 910x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 395x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Loot the Loot — Open ten Normal Chests.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, Sureshot Bow, and 125x Red Adamantine Shards.

Treasure by Moonlight — Collect five Midnight Fragments from Night Chests (Night Chest Guide)

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, 1,825x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 520x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Running Wild — Tame two different mount breeds (Mount Guide).

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, Sureshot Bow, and 170x Red Adamantine Shards.

Lockdown — Open 25 Guarded Chests.

Reward: 4x Golden Amber and 4,560x Blue Adamantine Shards.

Night Raider — Collect all 10 Midnight Fragments from Night Chests (Night Chest Guide)

Reward: 4x Golden Amber, Helm of Apotheosis (Ultimate Armor), Armor of Apotheosis (Ultimate Armor), and 255x Red Adamantine Shards.

Myth Challenge Tasks

There are five different types of Myth Challenges, presenting different challenges to you as you explore the Golden Isle. Each type of challenge has its own icon, which you can view on the map/compass. The different challenges are as listed:

  • Constellation Challenges: Constellation icon — Find blue marbles and recreate the constellation shown next to the puzzle.
  • Fresco Challenges: Gold and blue tile icon — Move around tile puzzle pieces to complete the image.
  • Lyre Challenges: Music icon for the tune locations/Lyre icon for the big lyre locations — Find a small lyre and listen to its tune, repeat the tune on the big lyre in the same area to complete each challenge (Lyre Myth Challenge Guide).
  • Navigation Challenges: Winged foot icon — Running/travel challenges where you have to get from point A to point B in a set amount of time.
  • Odysseus Challenges: Bow and arrow icon — Challenges where you use Apollo’s Arrow. You have to ignite the arrow, light all rings by passing through them, and then ignite the brazier to complete it.

Myth Challenge Tasks Guide

The Great Inventor’s Challenges — Complete five Myth Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, Sword of Achilles, 230x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 25x Red Adamantine Shards.

The Masterpiece Collection — Complete three Fresco Myth Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, 120x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 65x Red Adamantine Shards.

Bow Down — Complete three Odysseus Myth Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, Sword of Achilles, 455x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 255x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Challenge Accepted — Complete 20 Myth Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, 910x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 125x Red Adamantine Shards.

Achilles’ Other Heel — Complete four Navigation Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, Victor’s Sword, 1,825x Blue Adamantine Shards, and 395x Yellow Adamantine Shards.

Old Greek Road — Complete eight Lyre Challenges (Lyre Myth Challenge Guide).

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, 530x Yellow Adamantine Shards, and 170x Red Adamantine Shards.

Starry Night — Complete 11 Constellation Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, Victor’s Sword, and 255x Red Adamantine Shards.

Hero of Myth — Complete all 80 Myth Challenges.

Reward: Zeus’s Lightning, Molten Phosphor skin, Victor’s Sword, and 4,560 Blue Adamantine Shards.

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