Humble "Just Drive" Bundle Brings Racing Game Bargains to PC Gamers

Last Thursday, digital storefront Humble Bundle kicked off its “Just Drive” bundle deal that will appeal to sim racers. The bundle is exclusive to PC players using Steam, so if you’ve been biding your time you may want to give this a look.

For those unfamiliar, the San Francisco-based storefront offers a collection of games at a price determined by the customer, otherwise known as “pay what you want”. A portion of the price goes to charity, with the rest split among the game developers itself. Best of all, what amount goes to whom is entirely at the discretion of the buyer.

This Just Drive bundle offers a handful of driving games and DLC content that’s sure to pique your interest. With over $320 worth of content overall, all that you need to pick up some new driving games is a mere $1. That’s not a typo — pay $1 (or more) and you’re off to the races, pun thoroughly intended.

Let’s take a closer look at the bundles.

Just Drive Pack 1 (Pay $1 or More):

  • WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship
  • MXGP – The Official Motorcross Videogame
  • MotoGP 15

Just Drive Pack 2 (Pay $8.69):

  • Road Redemption
  • Project CARS
  • Project CARS Limited Edition Upgrade
  • DiRT 4

Just Drive Pack 3 (Pay $13 or more):

  • NASCAR Heat 4
  • Project CARS 2
  • Project CARS 2 Japanese Car Bonus Pack
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 1
  • Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2
  • Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 3

That’s quite the list, if we say so ourselves. The best thing is these aren’t individual purchases and are all-inclusive. This means that if you pay the minimum of $8.69, you receive all the content at that tier and everything above it included as well. The same holds true for paying the top whack of $13 — you’ll receive every game above that tier, for a total of 9 games and five DLC/upgrade packs.

Should that all get your engine revving, head over to the Just Drive bundle page and get a move on. You only have until Sunday, April 12 before the bundle is no more.

Photomode image courtesy of G.T.Ace

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