How To Unlock Terrako In Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

This guide will contain some mild spoilers for the plot of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, so make sure you’ve played through all of the main story before reading on about unlocking Terrako.

Terrako is the adorable little blue Guardian you’ve been seeing all over the official artwork for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and the tiny mechanical creature acts as Zelda’s faithful companion throughout the course of the game. But did you know that once you’ve managed to take down the ancient evil cursing the land, you can unlock Terrako in the game as a playable character? Well whether you knew or not, you’ll want to know that this guide breaks down exactly how you can unlock Terrako and add him to your team.

Unlocking the Terrako Quests

Terrako gets damaged in the final main story quest of the game, and he becomes unable to function. It’s a very emotional scene. After everything has settled, Zelda decides to ensure Terrako’s survival, and sets out to collect Terrako Components to repair the little robot.

You’ll get 8 Terrako Quests appear on your world map once you’ve completed the main story, and they’re all simply solved by providing all of the desired materials and resources. The problem is actually acquiring all of the resources you need: especially the 50 Terrako Components you require to complete Terrako’s Return, your ultimate goal in this challenge.

Collecting Terrako Components

Terrako Components will be primarily earned by completing the Terrako Quests, and you’ll probably have enough materials already to complete a few of them. For the quests you don’t have enough materials for you can tag the quest with the Sheikah Sensor by hovering over the quest and tapping the X button. This will shine a ring around any quests or shops on the map you can go to to earn or buy the resources you need – the desired materials will even be highlighted in shop inventories.

To speed up the process of acquiring materials you can also make sure to log in once per day and use amiibo figures. Scanning amiibo on the main menu will add materials to your account – none of these will be Terrako Components, but this will hopefully make it easier to finish off the last few Terrako Quests.

But completing the Terrako Quests won’t quite deliver you the 50 Terrako Components you require. You can highlight the quest Terrako’s Return using the Sheikah Sensor, and you’ll see that you can earn components directly from quests where you fight Guardians. Consider it recycling. You’ll need to grind through a fair few Guardians to get all of the components you need.

Playing as Terrako

Once all is done and you’ve gathered the 50 Terrako Components you can finally complete the Terrako’s Return quest which will add Terrako as a playable character – finally. Terrako will use Guardian weapons, and will be able to take on many enemies at once with his unique abilities. A full-size Guardian might’ve been a cooler character to play as, conceptually, but the chibi-cute Terrako makes for a decent replacement.

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