How To Refresh Your Gaming Chair And Make It Like New Again

Even without the help of a global pandemic, most of us have been spending a hefty chunk of our time perched behind our desks for both work and play. That means our beloved gaming or office chair sees a lot of use, and without some TLC it can end up looking a little rough around the edges.

Luckily, a simple care regimen can make all the much-needed difference. Here are some top tips – courtesy of Secretlab – for keeping your chair in the best condition possible for years to come!

Sweat Is Not Your Friend

Polyurethane (or PU) leather is often the upholstery of choice for gaming chairs. This is a coated, synthetic material that looks and feels a lot like genuine leather. While there are different levels of quality when it comes to PU leather, all levels can be prone to peeling with repeated exposure to both sweat and friction. Unfortunately, once peeling begins, it’s impossible to restore.

Sweat is naturally acidic, so it’s not surprising that it can have this effect over time. So whilst we unfortunately can’t tell our bodies to cease their homeostatic operations, we can do things like avoiding bare-skin contact with your chair. Also make sure you’ve dried off completely after showering and the like before plopping back into your chair. We can’t stop you from going entirely pants-less, of course, but for the sake of your dear chair, perhaps consider adding a towel?

Designate A Chair-Cleaning Day

A really great habit to get into is giving your chair a proper clean every two weeks, or even every week (especially if you live in a more humid climate). It might seem like yet another chore to have to add to the list, but it really is worth that extra 15 minutes or so. This regular cleaning routine will help minimize the grime and dirt which inevitably accumulates.

Start with a quick sweep or vacuum to clear the chair of large dirt particles before wiping the leather clean with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. If you’re looking for even better results or have some pesky stains to address, you can add some leather cleaner (like this one by Secretlab) when wiping down your chair.

If your chair is upholstered in genuine leather, you should apply some leather conditioner to it at least once every three months to keep it fresh and supple!

Another ProTip from Secretlab is to leave your chair to air dry completely after cleaning before you sit back in it.

Good Ol’ Fashioned TLC

Try keep abrasive or sharp objects away from the chair’s leather (such as velcro, jean rivets or, tragically, the claws attached to your beloved furry friends). Another good idea is to keep the ambient temperature cool and keep the chair out of direct sunlight or heat.

Keep Things Dry!

We’ve already touched on this, but to be clear: keep all liquids away from your precious chair’s upholstery, especially if there is fabric or suede involved. These materials aren’t water-resistant like PU leather, so minimize the chance of accidental spills as much as possible.

In the case of the inevitable Accidental Spill, however, quickly blot up the liquid on fabric with a dry cloth or paper towel. DO NOT rub the fabric, as this may cause further staining! For any stubborn stains, gently wipe with a fabric cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning your fabric surfaces as part of your regular maintenance routine, vacuum up any loose particles and dirt first before applying the fabric cleaner. For suede surfaces, first use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe against the grain of the suede.

Go Firm

While it may be tempting to opt for a softer chair, it’s generally an even better idea to go for a medium-firm seat that can better retain its shape and integrity even after prolonged use. It’s also generally better for your posture, as it’s more suited to support the natural curve of your back, unlike a softer chair which encourages poorer posture.

If your current chair has served it’s time and you’re looking for a replacement, why not take a gander at some of Secretlabs’ drool-worthy selection?

Otherwise, if yours still has some life left in it, make sure you do your bit to keep it as happy and healthy as possible!

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