How To Get Virizion Into Pokémon Sword & Shield

The Legendary Trio of Pokémon Black & White are modeled after the Three Musketeers, being justice-bringers that wield sword-like attacks. This makes them all Fighting-types as they’re modeled after a fighting style, but each one has its own primary type. Virizion is the Grass-type of the group that swiftly slices foes with its sprout-like horns. Sadly, you can’t grow one in Pokémon Sword & Shield. But you can transfer one in. Here’s how.

Transferring Virizion From Older Games

Virizion and its brethren are from Gen V, meaning Trainers could first get them on the Nintendo DS. However, the trio also made appearances in two 3DS games as well. Virizion can be caught in Black, White, Black 2, White 2, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

Pokémon Home has a function called the GTS that lets Trainers request specific Pokémon trades. If you have extras of a certain Legendary, you could offer it up in exchange for Virizion. Alternatively, you can find a friend with an extra Virizion who is willing to trade.

Transfer From Pokémon GO

Virizion has appeared as a rain in Pokémon GO, so many mobile Trainers have at least one. There are plans to eventually allowed transfer from GO to Home, so this might become an easy avenue to get Virizion into Sword/Shield.

Evolutions & Forms

Virizion cannot evolve or achieve a special Gigantamax form.

What Virizion Does In Battle

Legends say Virizion moves swiftly and slices with leafy blades, so have it do just that. There’s a move called Leaf Blade which is perfect for that exact purpose. Aside from that, Virizion can make good use of Sacred Sword, the signature move of the three swords. Virizion can also learn Stone Edge from TMs (or TRs), giving it a good way to deal with those dangerous Fire and Bug types.

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