How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go

The beginning of a new month often brings a fresh batch of events to Pokemon Go, but this month being October means that we can expect the game’s annual Halloween theme to influence the activities and rewards toward the end of it. As always, the new Pokemon you can catch are the stars of the month, with Shedinja being one of the standouts of the bunch. If you want to add this rare Bug and Ghost type buddy to your roster, we will show you everything you need to know about how to catch Shedinja in Pokemon Go before it vanishes.

How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go

Shedinja is included as part of the October Special Research Breakthrough in Pokemon Go. A brand new set of Field Research tasks were introduced to the game back at the beginning of the month — if you haven’t started yet, don’t worry, as there’s still plenty of time to get everything done by Halloween. As with previous months, completing all seven days of Research tasks will earn you a Research Breakthrough, and every time you manage to reach one during October you will be given an opportunity to catch the elusive Shedinja.

October Field Research Tasks In Pokemon GO

If you’re unsure about where to start with the tasks for this month’s Research Breakthrough objectives, here’s a full list of everything added this month in order to help you get yourself as many attempts to catch a Shedinja as possible:

Catching Tasks:

  1. Catch 3 Pokemon with Weather boost
  2. Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather boost
  3. Catch 10 Pokemon with Weather boost
  4. Catch 3 Ghost-type Pokemon
  5. Catch 10 Pokemon
  6. Catch 10 different species of Pokemon
  7. Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon
  8. Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokemon
  9. Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon
  10. Catch a Ditto

Battling Tasks:

  1. Win one raid
  2. Win five raids
  3. Win a level 3 or higher raid
  4. Defeat 2 Team Go Rocket grunts

Throwing Tasks:

  1. Make 3 Great throws
  2. Make 5 Nice throws
  3. Make 3 Great throws in a row
  4. Make 3 Great curveball throws
  5. Make 3 Great curveball throws in a row
  6. Make an Excellent throw
  7. Make 3 Excellent throws in a row
  8. Make 5 curveball throws in a row
  9. Make 2 Nice curveball throws in a row

Hatching Tasks:

  1. Hatch an egg

Miscellaneous Tasks:

  1. Transfer three Pokemon
  2. Trade a Pokemon
  3. Evolve a Pokemon
  4. Power up Pokemon five times
  5. Send three gifts to friends
  6. Spin ten PokeStops or Gyms

Buddy Tasks:

  1. Earn five hearts with your buddy
  2. Give your buddy three treats.

Finally, be on the lookout for more details about this year’s Halloween event. At the moment there have been no official statements from Niantic about what events, activities, or special encounters we can look forward to, but there have been teases suggesting that Mega Gengar might make its first appearance this spooky season. Although that would be a very appropriate end to the October festivities, make sure not to get so excited that you forget to get yourself a Shedinja first.

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