Hello Games’ The Last Campfire is coming to Switch

Nintendo revealed during its Indie Showcase today that The Last Campfire from Hello Games is coming to Switch this summer.

Hello Games is the indie studio behind the popular galactic exploration game No Man’s Sky. The Last Campfire may not be as ambitious in scope, but it looks like a lovely action-adventure game with a focus on solving puzzles.

The studio announced The Last Campfire in 2018, saying at the time that it had been working secretly on the project for a few years. The title has a listing on Steam, but Switch is the first console that The Last Campfire has been announced for.

The Last Campfire is also being made by the creative minds behind the beautiful 2D LostWinds series. If you’re a fan of those games, you’ll see some visual similarities, as this game also features cute and colorful characters (even if the world looks a bit more ominous here).

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