Halo: MCC Season 5 Update Arrives Next Week, Adds 80 New Pieces Of Armor

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will gain a wealth of new content next week, as Season 5 is set to begin on January 27. The massive update will include plenty of new Seasonal Challenges, along with 80 pieces of armor to unlock across Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

343 Industries has been quiet about the latest update, but now we’ve finally got a bit of concrete info. The announcement was brief – and accompanied by a disappointingly short six-second video – but here’s what we can expect on January 27:

  • 80 pieces of unlockable armor for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach
  • New weapon skins
  • New Seasonal Challenges with 4 unique rewards
  • Available on PC, Series X|S, and Xbox One

The team is also teasing that more content will be available than the current list. Halo: The Master Chief Collection continues to get better every month, and it looks like it’ll hit a high note as we roll into February.

If you haven’t yet checked out the collection, there’s never been a better time. With a lull in big releases – and Halo: MCC’s availability on Xbox Game Pass – Microsoft makes it easy to jump back in the Spartan-slaying action. MCC gives you a convenient way to replay some of the best Halo games in the franchise’s history and breathes new life into its iconic multiplayer. It boasts a healthy player count, is constantly seeing patches, and the introduction of Seasonal Challenges and unlockable content makes this the best way to experience Halo.

We’re not sure what else 343 Industries has planned for Season 5, but from the sneak peek it’s already offered we’re more than excited to jump back into the fray. With Halo Infinite still off in the distant future, MCC is the perfect way to get your Halo multiplayer fix. With dozens of iconic maps, weapons, and playlists, it’s easy to indulge in some FPS nostalgia while killing time before Infinite hits later this year.

Halo: MCC Season 5 begins on January 27 and will be available on PC, Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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