Halo Infinite Technical Preview livestream shows Xbox One footage

Microsoft has offered a new look at the multiplayer mode from Halo Infinite, including the game running on an Xbox One.

Last year’s reveal of Halo Infinite’s story campaign was an unmitigated disaster, forcing the game to be delayed until this Christmas and making a meme out of its graphics, but everything that’s so far been seen of the multiplayer is looking very good – and that includes Wednesday night’s technical preview.

The new look at the game is in advance of a limited hands-on demo this weekend and includes one thing we’ve never seen before: confirmed footage of the Xbox One version.

Although many fans have been against it from the start, Halo Infinite is still a cross-gen game and the footage shows three minutes of a Slayer match that still manages to look very impressive.

The footage is from the same build as the technical preview this weekend and takes place on the new Bazaar map – which will also be available for fans to try out themselves.

You can also see the new Friend or Foe system in action, which aims to make it easy to see who’s on your team even if their armour is a completely different style and colour.

The livestream was over an hour long and although there weren’t any major revelations, developer 343 Industries confirmed that Assassinations will not be part of the game at launch, because it offers too many advantages in Infinite’s more sandbox environments.

That means a melee kill to the back won’t account as an assassination, but the team is working on a way to add the feature to the game after launch.

If you haven’t already received an invite to join in this weekend’s test then you’ve probably missed your chance but the good news is that 343 is going to be holding more tests in the month’s ahead.

‘Over the coming months, as we put out new builds with additional features, they’re each going to have a larger and larger audience as we head towards launch’, said 343’s Sam Hanshaw.

Presumably the last one will end up being an open beta but one issue is that Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a release date, even though Microsoft insists it will be out this year.

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