Hades: Keepsake Collection Guide

Despite the repetitiveness of the game Hades, there are a whole host of ways that you can customize Zagreus to suit your playstyle. One of these ways is through equipping Hades' Keepsakes. These are special items that are granted to you by the various characters in the game that improve your stats and abilities in many different ways.

In addition to Keepsakes, there are Legendary Keepsakes, which grant you companions that can be summoned during a run. These are separate from normal Keepsakes and have different unlock requirements, each of them necessitating that you complete a quest for the character in question. All of these details require a comprehensive Hades Keepsake Guide.

Updated on November 30, 2021, by Kristy Ambrose: Hades continues to keep its high place in the Steam community when it comes to positive comments and memorable playing experiences. The Hades Keepsakes are one of the many fun and beautiful details that make this rogue-dungeon crawler so popular. We've taken another look at our list and made some updates to make your journey through the Underworld a bit less painful.

What Are Hades Keepsakes?

Acquiring Hades Keepsakes is easy. When you gift a character some Nectar for the first time they will pay you back with their personal Keepsake. This is still true for the Olympian gods such as Poseidon and Zeus, you just need to offer Nectar to their symbols when you come across them during a run.

This is not true for Hades and his Keepsake, which is the singular exception. To get his Sigil of the Dead you have to gift him two Nectars after the completion of the main storyline.

Keepsakes will level up with regular use. After 25 encounters with a Keepsake equipped it will reach the second level of effectiveness, and after a further 50 encounters, it will be fully powered.

Keepsakes of The Underworld

This includes the deities that can be found in the house of Hades or dwell in any part of the dungeons of Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and the Temple of Styx.

AchillesMyrmidon BracerMakes Zagreus take 20/25/30% less damage from the front but 10% more damage from the back.
CerberusOld Spiked CollarIncreases Zagreus' health by 25/38/50.
CharonBone HourglassItems from Wells of Charon have their durations increased by 4/6/8 rooms.
ChaosCosmic EggAllows Zagreus to enter Chaos Gates without losing health. Boons from Chaos have a 20/30/40% chance to be Rare quality or better.
DusaHarpy Feather DusterWith this Keepsake, urns have a 3/5/6% chance to drop healing items when broken.
EurydiceEvergreen AcornPrevents damage up to 3/4/5 times during the final encounter of a region.
HadesSigil of the DeadChanges your Call to Hades' Aid which briefly makes Zagreus invisible. The God Gauge begins at 10/20/30% full.
HypnosChthonic Coin PurseGives Zagreus 100/125/150 obols once per run.
MegaeraSkull EarringMakes Zagreus deal 20/30/40% more damage while at low health — 35% HP or less.
NyxBlack ShawlMakes Zagreus deal 10/15/20% more damage when targeting undamaged enemies.
OrpheusDistant MemoryMakes Zagreus deal 10/20/30% more damage to distant enemies.
PatroclusBroken SpearpointGives Zagreus an invincibility period of 1/1.25/1.5 seconds after being damaged. This effect refreshes after seven seconds.
SisyphusShattered ShackleIncreases Zagreus' damage by 50/75/100% when using an Attack, Special, or Cast that is not empowered by a god's Boon.
SkellyLucky ToothSaves Zagreus from death with 50/75/100 health once per run.
ThanatosPierced ButterflyIncreases Zagreus' damage by 1/1.5/2% for each encounter completed without taking any damage.

Keepsakes of Olympus

The deities will appear to Zagreus as he travels, but they remain at a comfortable distance. These gods dwell in lofty Olympus and never let our hero forget it.

CharacterKeepsake Effect
AphroditeEternal RoseGuarantees that the next boon is from Aphrodite. Boons from Aphrodite have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
AresBlood-Filled VialGuarantees that the next boon is from Ares. Boons from Ares have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
ArtemisAdamant ArrowheadGuarantees that the next boon is from Artemis. Boons from Artemis have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
AthenaOwl PendantGuarantees that the next boon is from Athena. Boons from Athena have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
DemeterFrostbitten HornGuarantees that the next boon is from Demeter. Boons from Demeter have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
DionysusOverflowing CupGuarantees that the next boon is from Dionysus. Boons from Dionysus have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
HermesLambent PlumeIncreases Zagreus' dodge chance and movement speed by 1/1.1/1.2% for each encounter cleared "quickly".
PersephonePom BlossomImproves a random Boon by one level for every 6/5/4 encounters cleared. The Boon is chosen at random.
PoseidonConch ShellGuarantees that the next boon is from Poseidon. Boons from Poseidon have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.
ZeusThunder SignetGuarantees that the next boon is from Zeus. Boons from Zeus have a 10/15/20% chance to be Rare quality or better.

Legendary Keepsakes

The Legendary Keepsakes are adorable plushies that are gifted to Zagreus by characters who have formed a really close bond with him. To acquire these, you need to complete a favor for the character in question after giving them enough Nectars, usually five or six.

Once the favor is complete, gift them an Ambrosia to get the Legendary Keepsake. Ambrosia is an upgraded version of Nectar that Zagreus starts to find after spending some time in Elysium. There are six Hades Legendary Keepsakes.

CharacterLocation Gift of Ambrosia
AchillesHouse of HadesAchilles asks Zagreus to alter the pact that has him serving Hades. Locate the pact with the aid of Nyx and then purchase the alteration at the House Contractor for five Diamonds. Achilles is now at Patroclus' side in Elysium. When he returns to the House of Hades you can gift him an Ambrosia.
DusaHouse of HadesPurchase Lounge renovations from the House Contractor. 12 Lounge renovations and these must include at least one rug and cleaning up the mess that Cerberus made
MegaeraHouse of Hades, TartarusAfter a conversation where she states that she's only trying to prevent your escape because she has to after a set amount of encounters with her and her sisters.
SisyphusVarious Underworld locationsPurchase access to the Administrative Chamber from the House Contactor, speak to Megaera about Sisyphus' situation and have two separate conversations with Nyx about the Administrative Chamber and Sisyphus. Find Sisyphus' file in the Administrative Chamber. When you have the file, you can purchase the Knave-King's Sentence for four Diamonds from the House Contractor. This completes the quest and allows you to gift Sisyphus some Ambrosia.
SkellyHouse of HadesHe will request that you slay him with the Stygian Blade with its level five Zagreus Aspect, which can be unlocked for a total of five Titan Blood. Once completed, you can gift Skelly an Ambrosia for his Legendary Keepsake.
ThanatosHouse of Hades, various Underworld locationsGive him six Nectars and he is randomly prompted to have a conversation regarding Zagreus having enough strength to escape the Underworld, after which you can give him an Ambrosia.

The following table details the effects of the Hades Legendary Keepsakes. Each of them grants a summon that can be used to great effect numerous times during a run.

AchillesCompanion AntosYour summon deals damage to two enemies, one after another.
DusaCompanion FidiYour summon travels with you for a while, firing petrifying shots.
MegaeraCompanion BattieYour summon deals damage in an area near the closest enemy. This summon cannot be used against Megaera or her sisters.
SkellyCompanion RibYour summon creates a decoy distraction with 250 health.
SisyphusCompanion ShadyYour summon deals some damage in an area and drops some health, Darkness, and Obols.
ThanatosCompanion MortYour summon deals a lot of damage in an area in front of you. This summon cannot be used during an encounter with Thanatos.

Hades Keepsakes and Weapon Builds

Yet another cool feature of Hades is the myriad of possible weapon builds that you can experiment with during your battle to escape the Underworld. These require taking certain God Boon paths, and often it helps if you can equip that god's keepsake.

That means there's a much better chance that Zagreus will find them somewhere in the Underworld, and when he does, the Boons they can give him will be of a more heroic, powerful quality. Zagreus can switch Keepsakes between the different realms of the Underworld, which is a helpful detail if you're combining Boons from various Gods.

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