Gunfire Reborn: 6 Beginner Tips

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  • Choose Your Weapons Wisely
  • Know Your Enemies
  • Make Sure You Look Around
  • Look For Mid-Raid NPCs
  • Most Buffs In An Adventure Are Temporary
  • The Final Stage Has Everything

Developed and published by Duoyi Games, Gunfire Reborn is a multiplayer game where you can raid different dungeons and fight alone or alongside your friends. The game features a bunch of characters with a unique skill set that allows you to choose your favorite play style while keeping the game fresh.

Upon entering the game, you can select an adventure across multiple difficulties, but you have to start from the same place every time and claw your way up to newer regions by performing better than you did last time. The RNG in the game makes this process fun and less repetitive.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Every time you get into a game of Gunfire Reborn, you start with a beginner weapon, and you can get different weapons from claiming chests, defeating monsters, or defeating a boss in the game. These weapons can have many effects, and not all of them will be your cup of tea.

There are many differentiating factors among the weapons, and here are a few of them:

Differentiating FactorExplanation
Bullet TypeThe game has three bullet types, and each weapon you can pick up during a raid consumes one of these ammo types: Normal, Large, and Special. The beginner weapon has its own ammo, and it has infinite bullets throughout the raid.
Element And PassiveWhenever you place your crosshair on a dropped weapon, you can see its elements and all the effects it comes with. The elements can determine the damage you have on certain enemy shields, and the passives can be used to find the best build.

If you already have the weapon equipped, you can check its effects by going to your loadout. This is one of the major factors that will affect your weapon choice.

HeavinessYour character gets slowed depending on the weapon you currently have equipped. Certain weapons can make you as slow as a snail. Although, there are a couple of ways to counter this like switching to your beginner weapon while you're not fighting.

You have to unlock weapons before you have a chance to get them during your raid. There are different requirements to unlock each weapon, and this can be seen by going to Arsenal from the main menu.

Know Your Enemies

As you progress in the game, you'll be greeted by many enemies that have a range of abilities. Some of them need to be close to you, while others can shoot at you from a long range. Some enemies can fight in both long and short ranges.

If you're planning to get far in your endeavor, it's a requirement to know what your enemies can do. Here are a few scenarios where this can help you:

  • If there are a bunch of enemies you have to fight, and you see some long-ranged archers in the distance, you can use cover around you to deal with the close-range enemies first.
  • Some enemies have dash abilities that can deal a ton of damage and immobilize you for a bit. Once you get used to these dashes, you can easily counter them with your dash.

Knowing your enemy always plays a big part in games where you're going to fight a huge hoard of them occasionally. Furthermore, this practice is necessary to fight the main bosses at the end of a certain segment.

Make Sure You Look Around

The domains in Gunfire Reborn are divided into different segments, and these segments are further divided into smaller rooms. Whenever you clear a certain room by defeating all the enemies, there'll be a yellow mark guiding you to the next one.

Once you enter the next room through this yellow mark, the door will close behind you, and you'll have to clear the enemies in the room to open the doors to both the further and the previous rooms. It is important to remember that you can't go back until you defeat everyone.

The only obvious parts about a room are the enemies and the chest you unlock after defeating them. But there are a bunch of hidden components that you can easily miss scattered across the dungeons like:

  • Every room has a bunch of small components that can be broken to get different ammo or grenades. In the first segment called Longling Tomb, these components are in the shape of different pots at the edges of the room.
  • There are hidden red chests in some of the rooms that you can chat with. These chests would like to make a deal with you by exchanging something you have for something you'd want. It's not necessary to select something in these chests, but they can be helpful.
  • Depending on the segment you're in, you'll see a wall with cracks of specific colors. You need to unlock the exploration talent in the tree to open these vaults, but they can give you a bunch of goodies.

To interact with the vaults mentioned above, you need to first attack them with a bullet which will show a certain image that will tell you about the hidden room. Here's what they mean:

Double swords making a crossThis means that you'll have to fight normal enemies in the room to acquire the chest at the end.
Horse faceThis signifies that you'll be facing a mini-boss inside the room, and you'll have to defeat it to claim the chest. You can focus on the boss since you don't need to defeat the rest of the enemies.
ChestThere might be some enemies in these rooms, but it mostly has a path laid with traps that you have to follow to reach the chest at the end.

Most of the chests in these hidden rooms will give you one Occult Scroll, but you can also get to choose one from three different scrolls sometimes.

Look For Mid-Raid NPCs

When you're venturing through different rooms in Gunfire Reborn, you have a chance of finding either one or both of the NPCs: Peddler and Blacksmith. Each of these has its function, and they can help you out a lot in dire situations where you're struggling.

Name of NPCFunction
PeddlerPeddler is sort of a shopkeeper in the game. You can talk to him to view what he's selling. Players can buy a ton of items from the Peddler like a bun for healing, items for your abilities, and random weapons.
BlacksmithAs you would expect, the Blacksmith allows you to upgrade your weapons by one level. You can only do this twice on one Blacksmith, and you'd have to find another one in the future to get more upgrades.

Both the Peddler and the Blacksmith take Copper in exchange for providing their skills. It can be found in chests, and you also get some copper by defeating the enemies. Furthermore, you can also get deals for copper from the red chests sometimes.

Most Buffs In An Adventure Are Temporary

What happens in an adventure, stays in the adventure. Every weapon, Occult Scroll, or buff that you acquire during a certain run in the adventure will not be saved after you get eliminated and leave. You'll start fresh with only your beginner weapon and the character's abilities every time you get into another game.

You can unlock certain talents to get the weapon of your choice from the chest in the first room of the adventure, but everything else is taken away every time you fail in the adventure.

There is one thing that you can save though, and that's the points required to upgrade your talents. You get these points based on how you perform throughout the trial, and they can raise your talent levels and unlock different abilities after the game.

You can also use these points to revive yourself once when you've fallen, but it's usually not worth it unless you're sure that you can get the points you're spending back at the very least.

The Final Stage Has Everything

After getting through a bunch of normal domains and fighting a lot of enemies, you'll finally stumble upon the main boss room of a certain segment. These rooms have a completely different vibe from any other, and the first thing you'll notice is that both the NPCs mentioned above will be available before you enter the main room.

Here, you can get new weapons if you haven't been lucky on your way here, and you can also upgrade two levels of your weapons as far as you have the copper. Furthermore, there are a ton of small components around the boss room that can help you refill your ammo.

Upon defeating the boss, you'll get the most item drops you've ever seen. These drops will include a golden Occult Scroll, weapons, buffs, different ammo, and a bunch of copper.

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