Guilty Gear Strive: How to Stop May’s Dolphins

People have complaints with Guilty Gear Strive, just like they have with all multiplayer games near their launch. One of the most common gripes seems to be May and her steadfast partner Mr. Dolphin who lets her soar across the screen on his back. This dangerous charge move has engendered a major backlash (or would that be backsplash?) from newer players who aren’t sure how to deal with its seaborn strength, some even calling it broken or overpowered.

But despite its fishy finesse, Mr. Dolphin’s horizontal rush is no win button. As fast and as strong as it is, the move can be outsped, outmaneuvered, and outplayed. Best of all, you’re about to find out exactly how to do so thanks to this handy guide.

Pay Attention To Their Speed

May can launch Mr. Dolphin with the same command using either her slash or heavy slash buttons and which one she chooses will have a huge effect on the resulting move.

Both versions will send May and Mr. Dolphin careening across the screen, of course, but using slash will make the move come out right away but hit softer. Meanwhile, the heavy version will start up more slowly, but bring more stun whether on hit or block to the point where May has enough time to follow up with a slash Mr. Dolphin before her target can move.

If you’ve ever blocked a dolphin just to be immediately hit with another, this is probably why. The best way to stop May’s pressure is to recognize which dolphin she throws at you. If it’s the faster slash dolphin, May will be at a disadvantage and you can use a long-reaching button to stuff any of her attacks should she try one at that point.

But if you block a slow heavy dolphin the ball is still in May’s court and she will hit you for an easy counter if you think it’s your turn to attack.

Just learn to identify which one you’re dealing with and you’ll be back in control of the match before long. Just make sure you know your effective range so you don’t miss your riposte.

Hit Them In The Blowhole

If you’re playing a May that’s relying way too much on Mr. Dolphin you need to start hitting them out of the sky. May has no invincible moves, aside from her Overdrives, so Mr. Dolphin can be defeated, despite appearances. The best way to lay the smackdown on this Cetacean will depend on which character you play, but you’ll generally want to go for an attack that’s fast and long-reaching without extending your hurtbox too much, but your 6P anti-air is guaranteed to be a safe bet.

It’s also a good idea to give training mode some love and practice all your moves as answers to Mr. Dolphin to see which ones work best. Once you’ve countered a dolphin you’ll want to start putting the pressure on her before she can get back to her oceanic offense. Don’t be afraid to be just as aggressive with her as she and her fishy friend were with you.

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