Greg Miller on making money by talking about games | How Games Make Money

Making money in video games isn’t just about developing games and tools. Sometimes it’s about developing an audience that wants to hear you talk about PlayStation, Xbox, and more. That’s exactly the business that Kinda Funny cofounder Greg Miller is building, and we talk about that on this week’s episode of How Games Make Money.

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Before anything called Kinda Funny ever existed, Greg Miller and his fellow cofounders had a conversation about leaving their jobs to create something on their own. At the time, they all worked at the giant internet-media company IGN, and they wanted to figure out the bare minimum amount of money each person would need to survive. When everyone came back with their number, it was an eye-opening and disheartening moment. None of them felt confident enough that they could survive on ad revenue and sponsors alone.

Then came the crowdfunding platform Patreon, which enables fans to support creators financially with regular contributions over time. And that empowered Kinda Funny to unleash the power of their fandom. Now, Kinda Funny makes dozens of hours of content each week and even puts on events like the Kinda Funny Games Showcase for indie developers.

In his conversation with Miller, How Games Make Money host Jeff Grubb asks about managing the business, building up Kinda Funny’s brand, and embracing an enthusiastic fan base.

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