Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: All Rampage Locations

If you are playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, odds are you are more than likely rampaging through the city every once in a while. If this is the case, why not destroy things productively by actually picking up the skull icons scattered throughout the Vice City map? The following guide leads you to all the rampage locations.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 3, the locations do not change if you fail them, making them easier to find and do. There are 35 in all and most of them are pretty easy to spot once you know their location on the map. The order of the packages goes from the southern part of the first island going north, and then once again from south to the north on the second island.

On The Bottom Of The Vice City River

Take either a boat or a helicopter to the southern part of the Vice City river. One of the small shacks out in the water has both this rampage and a hidden package.

On The Way To The Lighthouse

Go to land and then find the helipad near Lance Vance's house. From here, head eastward and you will find the next rampage before reaching the lighthouse.

On The Beach

Head even further east to find the next rampage on the beach, north of the lighthouse.

By The Parking Garage

Go north and find the next rampage by the parking garage on top of a roof. To reach it, you have to enter the parking garage and then jump to the roof of the building from it.

Behind The House

Go further north and then west to find the next two rampages close by. The first one is behind a house. You can see it through a fence on one side, but you need to go around in order to actually reach it.

In The Corner Of A Rental Complex

Head slightly north of the same street and you will see a large concrete wall surrounding a building. A gate will be ajar and you can enter the area. Head in and find the rampage in one of the corners.

In The Medical Center

Head west and the rampage will be on a grassy area next to the hospital and the medical center, also north of the marina where you take missions from Juan Cortez.

On The Washington Mall

This next rampage is on top of the Washington Mall parking lot. It is not as simple as going to the mall and going up the stairs. You can reach it either by helicopter or by driving up the cylindrical ramp toward the parking lot entrance.

Under The Bridge To Starfish Island

To the north, there is a bridge leading to StarView Heights. Go here and find the next rampage (south of the bridge to Starfish Island).

Standing Vice Point

Go northeast to find a big building called Standing Vice Point. The next two rampages are here. The first of them is on the southern part of the back of the building.

On The Diving Board

Behind the same building, head north and the rampage is on a diving board you can reach by heading up some stairs.

In The Cul-De-Sac

Northwest of the last rampage, the next one is clearly visible in a cul-de-sac.

Under The Bridge

Head to the bridge toward the golf course and the rampage is underneath it.

By The Entrances To The Mall

The rampages on this island are all either in or around the North Point Mall. The first of these is on the east side of the mall, in between the two entrances on the outside.

Behind The Building To The Northwest

Go to the building to the northwest and find the next rampage behind it.

Inside The Mall

Head inside the mall and find the next rampage on the second floor on the westside near some bushes.

Behind The Building To The East

The last rampage on this island is behind a building to the east.

On The Tanker

Once you unlock the second island, head to the south and find the rampage on the tanker.

Behind The Inn

Head northwest and find the rampage behind this building.

In Escobar International Airport

Further northwest there is the Escobar International Airport. Head inside and find the package on the first floor in the back.

On Top Of The Airport

This one is visible from the outside of the airport. It is on the top of the entrance. You need a helicopter to reach it.

Outside Of The Military Base

To the north, you find the military base and the rampage is to the west of it.

On A Building

Head back south outside of the airport area and the next package is in the neighborhood to the east, on top of a building you can reach through a flight of stairs.

North Of The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Building

Go slightly north of the ice cream factory asset and you will find the next rampage on top of a building. You need a helicopter to reach it.

Starfish Island

Cross the bridge to Starfish Island and the rampage is by the closest house to the north.

Behind The Bank

Return to the second main island and then go north. The rampage is behind the bank.

In The Basketball Court

Go west to a block of houses and the rampage is in a basketball court.

Near The Print Works

Go to the Print Works and on the other side of a fence to find the next rampage.

On The Corner Near The Water

Go northwest near the water. The rampage is in a corner behind a building.

Parking Lot Of The Hotel

Go north along the main street until you reach the Moist Palms Hotel. The rampage is in the parking lot as you enter it.

South Of Downtown

Go north and once you are in the downtown area, go west. The rampage is in the alley.

At The Top Of The Stairs

Go further north and across the street from the Ammu-Nation there is a large flight of stairs. At the top is the rampage.

At The Top Of The Stairs Of The VCN Building

To the east, there is a building with a flight of stairs leading to the entrance. The rampage is at the top.

In The Courtyard Where The Monument Is

North of the last rampage, there is a building with a small courtyard where a monument sits. The rampage is in this courtyard.

Hyman Memorial Stadium

Find the last rampage near the helipad by the stadium on the northwest side of the map.

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