Google Is Working On A New "Heads Up" Feature That Warns You Not To Use Your Phone While Walking

According to some studies, people are four times more likely to be involved in an accident while using their phones. Use of any hand-held device while walking or driving can distract you and cause serious injuries, and sometimes death. Keeping this in mind, Google has decided to launch a new feature on Android called ‘Heads Up’, which alerts you whenever you are found using your phone on the go.

In this age of technology where we rely heavily on our devices and the internet, it’s very rare to find someone without a phone or any gadget. Whether it’s a child or an adult, we always have our devices on us and that can be harmful for our well-being. Luckily, Android is set to introduce a new Digital Wellbeing feature which warns you to look away from your screen when you’re walking. It will remind you to pay attention to your surroundings as you’re walking and distracted with your phone. With how often I have seen people trip on something and walk into a door or a person, this feature sure seems useful.

Heads Up reminds you of any potential danger or risk you might face when outside, sending you a notice or a warning. You can turn on this setting in the Digital Wellbeing option, found specifically in Reduce Interruptions. Once you have enabled the Heads Up option, it allows you to choose certain settings, and input your location. To have this feature work at its best, you have to select ‘Allow all the time’ option. When activated, your phone will send you messages such as ‘Be careful’, ‘Look ahead’, ‘Watch out’, ‘Look up’, ‘Stay alert’, ‘Watch your step’, and many others. This feature is completely optional, and you can disable at any time. Though this feature has some people satisfied, it still is not a solution to being distracted with your phone.

As Heads Up is still a fresh, new update on Pixel phones, there aren’t many user opinions about it as of yet. This feature is only being rolled out on Google’s Pixel 4A for now, with no future promises from the developers whether we will be seeing Heads Up on other app stores, or phones.

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