Godfall: 8 Best Skills

Godfall is an action-packed role-playing game from publisher Gearbox Publishing and developer Counterplay Games. It's full of high-octane action that's made even more enjoyable by the ability to play with friends. With the cheaper Champion Edition out now, it's likely that even more players are likely to give the game a try.

However, while there are plenty of great general tips and tricks you should know before going in, having a handle on more specific information, such as what skills you should prioritise, is a great way to get the most out of your experience. From being able to slide around as you swing your behemoth of a weapon to sucking the life out of your enemies, there are a plethora of fantastic skills you should unlock as soon as possible.

8 Rampage

It is unsurprising that Godfall, a game all about frantic action and vanquishing foes, has a skill called Rampage. By investing points into this handy skill, you'll be able to unlock Rampage mode, where you'll deal more damage to enemies for a short period. Put enough points into it and you can greatly increase its duration and damage output.

Rampage seems like an obvious choice and for good reason. You'll come across some challenging enemies while playing Godfall, so the more damage you can do the better. Additionally, Ramage goes hand in hand with other skills such as Weapon Timing.

7 Sundering Slam

While plenty of the skills you'll invest in merely increase stats or buff your base attacks, Sundering Slam offers you an incredibly flashy skill that is simultaneously fun to use and impressively powerful. The skill is as it sounds, a giant slam-based attack that will devastate your foes when used.

The longer you charge this skill, the more damage you'll do. By investing multiple points into this skill, not only will you reduce how long it takes to charge it up, but you'll also increase the amount of damage it does. This is a skill worth having in your arsenal as it is not only very powerful but also fun to use.

6 Finesse

Evading in Godfall is essential to ensuring you make it out in one piece. Taking a hit from a tougher enemy can be devastating, and if you're playing on a harder difficulty it can even end your run. So, making sure to invest in the Finesse skill is by far one of the best decisions you can make in the game as it greatly improves your evasive abilities.

By just unlocking this skill you'll be granted a slide move that enhances your momentum when evading an attack. However, by further investing in it you'll not only improve your parry ability, but you'll be able to turn your sprint into an attack and transform your Quickturn into a deadly move. Finesse is by far one of the best skills in the entire game.

5 Siphon

Stealing health from your enemies is always good fun. Not only does it damage them, but it, in turn, brings you back to being fighting fit and allows you to carry on. Siphon is Godfall's equivariant of the various health-stealing attacks you'll have seen appear in other games such as Pokemon.

One of the best ways to become a truly overpowered character in Godfall is by investing in this skill. Not only does further investing in it increase the damage that you do, but it also allows you to summon smaller enemies to fight by your side.

4 Vitality

Vitality is one of the more simple skills. By putting points into this skill you'll greatly increase your vitality. Initially, you'll get a 20% increase, then subsequently 40% and 60% before finally four and eight respectively.

Additionally, by investing in the Vitality skill you'll also improve skills such as the Siphon skill. While this may seem like one of the less exciting skills, having increased Vitality is essential to surviving in the challenging gauntlets featured in Godfall.

3 All Stats

Like Vitality, All Stats is as it sounds. It greatly increases your stats across the board including Might, Spirit, and the aforementioned Vitality. By putting points into this particular skill you'll essentially be making your character a jack of all trades.

Not only does this skill make you stronger across the board, but it also makes it easier for those unsure of which of the individual skills they should prioritise. While investing in each of the individual skills is still recommended, All Stats is still a great way of getting the upper hand quite early on. This is a great skill to invest in regardless of your playstyle.

2 Takedowns

There is all manner of enemies in Godfall. From grunt soldiers who you'll swat out of your way to larger more imposing enemies that refuse to go down. Fortunately, by investing in the Takedowns skill, you can easily dispatch the smaller enemy types thus allowing you to focus on the stronger ones.

The Takedowns skill allows you to immediately perform a takedown on a smaller enemy once you've successfully completed a parry. By further investing in this skill you can also take down larger enemies with it on the condition that you complete a parry and they have 40% health or less. It's a really effective skill that's worth investing in as it'll make combat significantly easier.

1 Weakpoints

By unlocking the Weakpoints skill you'll be able to target your foes specific weak points to deal increased damage. While this may seem like one of the more basic skills, it not only makes combat easier but adds a much-needed layer of strategy. Additionally, the skill also allows you to knock down enemies and later on deal breach damage as well as cause a devastating shockwave.

The Weakpoints skill is a prime example of one of the many things Godfall does well as it implements a useful and innovative skill that keeps the action feeling fresh.

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