Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Class Guide

The unexpected, yet completely appreciated, new multiplayer addition to Ghost of Tsushima, titled Legends, has introduced four new classes to play as. While there are certainly similarities between the four, as well as the original main character, Jin, from the single-player campaign, they each have their own unique skills and playstyles that will appeal to different players. If you’ve been itching to step back into the world of the Samurai, now with a couple of friends by your side, this guide will help you understand what makes each class special.

Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Class Guide

The four new classes you can pick from when starting Ghost of Tsushima: Legends are the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. Each has a primary weapon, ranged weapon, two pieces of gear, two abilities, and one ultimate.


Wielding the most traditional of Samurai weaponry, a katana, this class is the most balanced of the four. Backing up his sword is a half-bow, dirt throw, and healing gourd. While not quite as powerful in every regard as Jin, the Samurai will feel most familiar to Jin of the four classes. His abilities are Spirit Pull and Explosive Blade, with the Ultimate being Hachiman’s Fury. Spirit Pull drains health from surrounding enemies, while Explosive Blade boosts your sword damage, and occasionally adds explosive damage to your hits. Hachiman’s Fury costs three Resolve, but will turn the world red, highlight enemies, and immediately dispatch them with precise strikes.


This is the support class of the bunch, with the ability to revive and heal teammates, as well as summon spirit animals. He also has a katana and half-bow, but comes equipped with kunai and smoke bombs on top. As mentioned, his Spirit Animal and Healing Incense abilities allow him to call a friendly dog and toss out a healing pot of incense. His ultimate, Breath of Izanami, automatically brings fallen teammates back to life for three Resolve.


The Hunter, while also having a katana, is mainly focused on attacking from a distance with his longbow. He has dirt throw and a healing gourd to back him up, but should aim to stay out of direct combat. His abilities all reflect this by being bow focused. Staggering and Explosive arrows do just what they sound like, either doing stagger or explosive AOE damage on hit, but Eye of Uchitsune is where he gets deadly. This is basically the ranged version of the Samura’s Hachiman’s Fury, allowing you to pick off three targets at once with immediate headshots for three Resolve.


If you enjoyed playing Jin as a ghost character during the main game, then the Assassin class will be right up your alley. He has the same katana and half-bow as the Samurai, plus kunai and caltrops, but it’s in his abilities that things get fun. Toxic Vanish makes you disappear into a cloud of poison gas that staggers nearby enemies, perfect for escaping a dangerous encounter, and Group Vanish causes you and any teammates close by to disappear all at once. Shadow Strike, following the similar theme of how Legends implements ultimate abilities, lets you chain up to three assassinations at once from a distance for three Resolve.

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