Genshin Impact: How to Mix The Drink in The Windbrew Quest

It’s fair to say that Genshin Impact has brought a lot for players to do in its 1.4 update. The Windblume festival is lively, has a ton to do for co-op players, and most importantly, is stuffed full of prizes. Players can get primogems and other rewards from completing mini-games and running simple quests. While these quests may not take too long, some of them can get a little confusing.

By some of them, what players really mean to say is Windbrew. This quest is all about memorization and has several steps. This can be an irritating process to go through, so to help, the guide below lays out the steps.

Getting The Ingredients

The quest can be started by going to see Margaret, the same lady who has lost her cat twice so far in the game, and the owner of Cat’s Tail. This time she isn’t sending the Traveler to find mittens, but instead, she wants them to gather ingredients for a special drink and will let you choose between getting.

  • Dandelions
  • Windwheel Aster

After choosing the plant, you will need to go collect the ingredients in the area she suggests. Keep in mind that you will need an anemo character to collect dandelions. This will not require any combat, so feel free to have a low-level anemo user equipped if it helps speed things up.

Mixing The Drink

After collecting your ingredients, return to Margaret to begin the quest’s main objective. You’re going to make your own drink, but to do this, you have to follow incredibly specific instructions. If you mess up, then the whole drink-making process will start over again, and that can become a real headache.

Margaret does give you a rundown of the drink mix, but when there are six different choices, things get pretty confusing. Especially with how much the ingredients are moved around in the selection. To make the drink, you will want to:

  • Start with the Sweet Flower
  • Pour in the milk
  • Add the Windwheel Aster
  • Let the drink sit
  • Add in the Dandelion Seeds
  • Throw in the ice cubes

Completing these steps will appease Margaret, and she will hand you the Special Beverage to cart around to the citizens of Mondstadt.

To complete this portion of the quest, you will need to visit

  • Nora – In Statue Plaza
  • Nimrod – Near Angel’s Share
  • Aramis – In Statue Plaza

Their locations are marked on the map, and finding them only takes a couple of minutes. To do it quickly, start with Nimrod, then teleport to the Knights of Favonius waypoint, and glide down to the plaza.

Once everyone has sampled the drink simply talk to Margaret one last time to complete the quest. As with the other quests, you will receive 20 primogems upon completion, but sadly you won’t get a recipe for the complicated beverage you helped to craft.

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