Genshin Impact: Every Polearm User in The Game

As of version 1.4, Genshin Impact currently has five polearm users, making it the smallest class in the game. It’s also worth noting that out of the five characters, three are five-stars, making it a bit hard to get an elemental variety for most characters. The glass does have some solid choices for players’ teams though, with two of the most powerful characters in the game being polearms.

The class is also set to grow as Mihoyo will want to flesh the variety of polearm characters out in the near future, and this is likely why so many were released close together from version 1.1 to version 1.4.


Xiangling is one of the few free-to-play characters in the game. She is the only current Liyue free-to-play character and can be unlocked by reaching level 3-3 of the Spiral Abyss. Xiangling is a pyro four-star character who is praised for being able to provide support with both her elemental skill and burst.

Her elemental skill sends out a small creature named Guoba who will continually shoot fire at nearby opponents. Her elemental burst summons pyro spears that will rotate around the on-field character to deal damage, which is perfect for easily triggering reactions.


Zhongli is one of the main characters in the Liyue storyline and the geo archon. He is a five-star character who has gone through a lot of buffs due to the fact that many players found his kit to be too weak for a five-star. Zhongli has two different elemental skills you can use. The first summons a tower that pulses geo damage, while the second creates a geo shield when the player holds in the skill button.

Zhongli’s burst brings down meteorites for an AoE attack that literally turns enemies to stone, allowing the player to easily get in a few hits.


Xiao is another Liyue character who spent a lot of time in beta testing before being officially released in the main game. He is an anemo five-star and is currently one of the strongest characters in the game. His elemental skill has two charges that let him quickly fly across the field and deal anemo damage to enemies in his path.

His elemental burst greatly increases his attack power and lets him jump higher in the air. The burst will cost 30% of his current health, but the damage pays off just from jumping and using his dive attack in this state.


Rosaria first appeared in an event in version 1.2 where she was revealed to be monitoring Dragonspine and took an interest in the Traveler. She is a part of Mondstadt’s church and a cryo four-star that appeared in Tartaglia’s banner rerun. Her elemental skill allows her to teleport behind a target and then strike them with a powerful cryo below, although this won’t work with large enemies like Ruin Guards.

Her burst allows her to perform an AoE cryo strike and drops a cryo lance on the field that will occasionally pulse out cryo damage.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a pyro five-star and one of the most hated characters in Liyue due to her strange nature. She has an elemental skill that activates a special mode that ups her attack. She will also be able to place blood blossoms on enemies that will deal small amounts of pyro damage over time.

For her burst, she uses a ghost to deal pyro damage to nearby enemies.

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