Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Ganyu

Genshin Impact is packed with high-caliber playable characters with tons of skills, talents, elemental abilities, and weapons choices, but among the best of the best is Ganyu. A Cryo-user whose weapon expertise is in bows, Ganyu is one of the highest DPS characters you can use in the game.

As well as being versatile in teams, she’s also compatible with a wide variety of bows available, from three-star to five-star, adding Ganyu to the ranks of best archers. With the right team and the right weapon, you’ll have an unstoppable Ganyu in battles.

10 The Slingshot – Three Stars

This weapon is one of the more basic ones you can equip Ganyu with, but it’s still effective, particularly in her hands. If you hit a target with either your Normal Attack or your Charged Attack within 0.3 seconds of launching the arrow, you’ll get an increase in damage by an impressive 36 percent.

This may call for closer range on your targets, but the payoff is well worth the close proximity. It's also easily available due to its low rarity, making it simple to refine.

9 The Sharpshooter’s Oath – Three Stars

The damage increase on the Sharpshooter's Oath is only 24%, so it's not as nice as the Slingshot’s increase, but you don’t have to hit a target within a certain timeframe to get the bonus. With the Sharpshooter’s Oath you get the increase in damage when you hit your enemy in their weak spots – a better trade-off when you consider repeatedly targeting the weak spots will likely yield a quicker win.

Once again this is a three-star weapon so easily pulled by wishes of any type. Just be careful not to auto trash your three-star items upgrading other items if you want this bow.

8 The Messenger – Three Stars

The Messenger has a Charged Attack which sees hits on enemy weak spots deal an additional 100 percent damage as critical damage. In Ganyu’s sure-shot hands, this will definitely end any opponents coming your way, but you can only gain this benefit once every ten seconds.

Luckily, Ganyu on her own is highly damaging, so this isn’t the setback it may sound like it is, and you’ll claim victory over your opponents in no time at all. It's also another three-star option, making it easy to find.

7 The Viridescent Hunt – Four Stars

Whenever you hit your target with the Viridescent Hunt, whether with a Normal Attack or an Aimed Shot Attack, you’ll have a 50 percent chance to generate a Cyclone, which will continuously attract any enemies in the area. As these enemies approach, you’ll deal 40 percent of your attack as damage to them every 0.5 seconds for as long as four seconds. This perk will occur once every fourteen seconds during the fight.

The only drawback to this weapon is its availability. You can only get it through the Battle Pass (Gnostic Hymn), making it an elusive, but amazing, bow.

6 The Compound Bow – Four Stars

Every Normal and Charged Attack Ganyu lands with the Compound Bow will increase her attack by four percent, and her Normal Attack Speed will increase by 1.2 percent for six seconds. This can be used once every 0.3 seconds and for a maximum of four stacks.

Despite the limitations, Ganyu’s high DPS and elevated skill set will benefit greatly from any increases in attack damage or speed, making this an excellent weapon to arm her with going into battle. The bow is also a little easier to obtain than many since it is craftable.

5 The Hamayumi – Four Stars

Ganyu’s Normal Attack damage will be increased by 16 percent with The Hamayumi, and her Charged Attack damage will increase by 12 percent. When her energy is full, you’ll also see the effect of the weapon increased by 100 percent.

This is certainly a high-performing weapon for any playable character in Genshin Impact, but when you put it in Ganyu’s hands you’ll have a powerful blow waiting for any target she encounters. You can obtain this weapon through forging.

4 The Prototype Crescent – Four Stars

With the Prototype Crescent, you’ll get an increased movement speed of ten percent when your Charged Attacks hit the weak points of the targets. You will also see your attack increased by 36 percent for ten seconds when you connect hits with enemies, which is enough of an increase with Ganyu’s stats to cause incredible damage fast.

Out of all the four-star bows you can choose from, the Prototype Crescent is the best to equip Ganyu with going forward in the game. It's also another craftable item, making it more grindable.

3 The Thundering Pulse – Five Stars

Even though there are plenty of five-star bows to equip Ganyu with in Genshin Impact, some are clearly better matched for her than others. Among them is the Thundering Pulse, which grants the Thunder Emblem, and will increase Ganyu’s attack by 20 percent. When her stacks are at 1/2/3, her Normal Attack will be increased even more, and each stack has its own individual time duration, which will make your team nearly undefeatable.

The only drawback of this item is that it is a five-star item linked to weapon banners and is difficult, if not impossible to get hold of. You'll need to keep an eye on the item rotations.

2 The Skyward Harp – Five Stars

Another amazing weapon choice for Ganyu, the Skyward Harp will increase her crit damage by 20 percent and give her hits a 60 percent chance to inflict a small AoE attack which will deal 125 percent physical attack damage. Even though this only happens every four seconds, those stats are overwhelming, and it’s unlikely that you would risk losing in the four-second wait between attacks with this perk.

Depending on whom you have teamed with Ganyu, you may not have to exert much energy at all to win. You will need some luck though, as once again this five-star bow is tied to the gacha system, previously appearing with Venti's banners.

1 The Amos’ Bow – Five Stars

Amos’ Bow is the most highly recommended weapon for Ganyu in every guide, forum, and cheat sheet you can possibly find. It pairs incredibly well with her skill sets and damage stats and increases her Normal and Charged Attacks by 12 percent. Once you fire off either of those attacks, the damage Ganyu is able to inflict increases by another eight percent every 0.1 seconds that the arrow is in the air. If that isn’t enough, you can stack this perk up to five times, making it nearly impossible to lose when Ganyu is equipped with Amos’ Bow.

Once again the only drawback is the gacha system which you'll need to beat to get your hands on this bow. Cross those fingers for an increased drop rate.

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