Genshin Impact: 10 Expert Tips For The Endgame

When we all started playing Genshin Impact, it seems like an easy, peaceful, and chill game that probably didn’t follow Breath of the Wild’s combat philosophy despite taking inspiration from it. Then we all got to Adventure Rank 35+ and the world stopped being cute and cuddly and started mangling your cute anime characters to bits while you wonder how this all happened.

Genshin Impact sneakily punishes players for making poor decisions in the early game. It might not seem like it but all the mistakes you made and the things you took for granted earlier will come back to bite you again come the endgame which is currently around AR 40 to 45 or World Level 5 and above. So in order to straighten out your accounts, some expert tips are to be expected and heeded as it will probably only get more difficult later on once the future updates arrive.

10 Consider Having Favorites

This is what’s probably the most noticeable oversight players made is not having favorites in Genshin Impact. Level-up resources become scarce and precious later on and they can’t go playing around with every new character they like. That’s why picking a DPS to be the favorite and a support or healer to back them up should be a wise choice.

Prioritizing two characters with different elements is often enough since they’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting within the party. The other two characters can add support or provide additional elements though they shouldn’t be as important as level-up targets.

9 Put Off World Level Ascension

Now, another trick that players can employ whenever they feel shocked that the enemies are suddenly brutal and unforgiving is to hold off on ascending their World Level. In the endgame, this usually happens in Adventure Ranks ending in the digit ‘5.’

Players can ignore the ascension quest which is difficult on its own but still keep accumulating experience. This way, the enemies will remain the same level and the players can focus on farming some materials and resources until they have enough to max out their party come the next World Level.

8 Healers Are Mandatory

Healers might come across as unnecessary at low Adventure Ranks especially with characters like Noelle, but once the players start facing high-level bosses and Domains, they’ll eventually have to rely on panic buttons.

That’s why investing in Barbara or any other healer can go a long way. Because past AR 40, pure DPS parties and builds are no longer viable by themselves. Dodging can only take you so far and doesn’t work anymore especially against multiple hard-hitting enemies.

7 Mark Resources On The Map

If you’ve come too far in Genshin Impact, chances are, you already know the locations of the essential resources and materials on the map. This can be anything from character ascension flowers to ore mining spots on the map.

It pays well to mark them so you don’t have to go checking guides every few Adventure Ranks or so. This can help with some resource run rotations and keep players playing efficiently especially when they run out of resin or things to do.

6 You Also Get Commission Rewards From Other Players’ Worlds

Enhancement Ores of the highest level are quite the luxury in Genshin Impact and they tend to run out quickly with how many weapons the game throws at you. However, there is a way to farm them infinitely and that is by going through other players’ worlds— those who haven’t done their commissions yet.

Helping them with their commissions (with consent, of course) also gives you some of its rewards even if you’ve already completed yours in your world or if you haven’t done it yet. If you have a lot of friends who allow this, then you can all reap the rewards.

5 Pick Up Everything

If you have a bit of OCD or are a natural-born hoarder who got their training at a very young age in Black Friday, then this should come naturally. Picking up every fruit, flower, ore, and even the meat from Timmie’s beloved pigeons in Mondstadt is a reward in itself.

Because you’ll never know when a character will suddenly need 50 fried eggs for revival or ask for a metric ton of flowers that can only be found in cliff walls so they can become stronger. Just pick up everything with a prompt, otherwise, you’ll regret not doing it.

4 High-Level Items Grant Huge Experience When Leveling Up

There are times in Genshin Impact when players can become strapped for Enhancement Ores. That tends to happen when newer and more exciting weapons come around and you have to level them up so you can use them.

That also means a high-level weapon is getting replaced. In such cases, and if you’re absolutely sure you won’t be needing that old weapon anymore, then using it as enhancement fodder is a very cash money thing to do. Because it gives tons of level-up experience that’s more or less equivalent to the number of ores used on it.

3 Always Do Expeditions For Crystal Chunks

Speaking of Enhancement Ores, the game practically gives players free quantities of them every day in the form of Crystal Chunks. Crystal Chunks are the most common way to craft Enhancement Ores and apart from mining, you can obtain them from expeditions.

Sending out characters you don’t use on 20-hour mining gigs so they don’t simmer in their own existential crisis is a good way to maximize them. So always make use of Kaeya, Amber, Lisa, the Traveler, and Noelle.

2 DPS Artifacts Are Always The Best

Once you have a proper healer, the amount of health that a character has in Genshin Impact doesn’t matter. Nor do its defense stat unless it’s a C6 Noelle whose damage scales up with Defense. A dedicated party healer is usually enough.

That means you can focus your efforts on getting the best Artifacts for your DPS or main character of choice. There should always be that one guy or gal that gets everything first and we’re not saying it should be Diluc or Razor, you do you but if that’s the case then prioritize enhancing Artifacts that give ATK boost or flat ATK amounts or even specific element damage bonuses.

1 Dashing Is Faster Than Sprinting

In a hurry in Genshin Impact? Well, there no mounts yet at the time or writing, so players have to confine themselves to being pedestrians who sprint to get where they want to go quickly. Except sprinting is not the most efficient way to speed up.

That would be dashing (or dodging/evading) forward. Turns out spamming dash is a better way to travel on foot. It doesn’t drain as much stamina as sprinting too and makes the characters less prone to sudden deaths from falling or drowning or getting dogpiled by Hilichurls after they run out of gas.

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