Gearbox E3 Showcase: Watch It Live Here

Gearbox is – sigh – gearing up for a massive presentation at this year’s E3. The live stream begins at 5pm EDT on July 12 and is likely to bring us big news for the Borderlands franchise. Beyond that, much of the event remains a mystery, although it’ll likely run for about 30 minutes.

The live stream will be the last publisher showcase of the day, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about the event. Here’s hoping we get something outside of Borderlands when Gearbox takes the stage on Saturday.

Gearbox E3 Showcase Times

If you’re looking forward to all the surprises Gearbox has in store, you can check out the live stream at the following times:

July 12

  • 2pm PDT
  • 5pm EDT
  • 10pm BST

It should be a relatively short broadcast at about 30 minutes in length, although it’s unclear what exactly Gearbox will focus on during that time. Is it all Borderlands? Is a new project in development? The event is right around the corner, so make sure to tune in if you can.

Watch The Gearbox E3 Showcase Here

Since it’s officially part of E3, you’ll be able to catch the Gearbox Showcase on any of the E3 social channels. This includes:

  • Gearbox E3 Showcase on Twitch
  • Gearbox E3 Showcase on Youtube

Both Gearbox and E3 Twitter channels will probably provide direct links shortly before the event begins, but your safest bet is to just tune in to one of the above broadcasts.

If you’re a Borderlands fan, this is one press conference you won’t want to miss. We’re not sure what to expect beyond the looter-shooter, but we’re hoping for a big showing from the popular studio.

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