Free video games for everyone in self-isolation

A group of indie developers have made several of their games free to download, as well as and Epic Games Store.

If social distancing is already starting to get too much for you then video games are one of the most effective ways to keep yourself entertained at home.

If all this is going to go on for months though that means you’ll need a steady supply of new games to play, and that costs money. Except not if you take advantage of the generous new offers on indie website

Almost 150 different games are available to download for free from this link and while many of them are low budget titles you’ve never heard of it includes well-reviewed games like Nuclear Throne, Bleed 2, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, and Gladiabots.

Then there’s this second list of games that includes titles that are heavily discounted and includes the likes of Night In The Woods and Thumper.

And if somehow none of those appeal then also has a number of games that are free at the moment, including graphic adventure classic Beneath A Steel Sky, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, and a number of Ultima titles.

Of course, there’s also the Epic Games Store, which has been offering at least one free game a week since it launched more than a year ago.

At the moment it’s the superb The Stanley Parable and the okay-ish Watch Dogs, with more already scheduled for next week.

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