Fortnite Season 2: Challenges Leaked For Week 3 & 4 – Here’s What To Expect

Fortnite Season 2’s challenges for week three are now live, and week four’s challenges have been leaked. Here’s everything there is to know.

For Fortnite fans, Thursdays are update day; the day of the week when new challenges are revealed and tweaks and changes are made to the game. The trouble with Fortnite players is they might be the most impatient gamers out there today. Almost everything coming to the game is leaked ahead of time thanks to a team of dedicated dataminers.

Week three’s challenges were leaked ahead of time courtesy of @iFireMonkey giving players a little time to prepare themselves for when they went live this past Thursday. As per usual, most of the challenges are run of the mill, albeit a little complicated to complete in some cases. Eliminating opponents using explosives is always more difficult than it sounds.

The most inventive of this week’s challenges is to eliminate players without using shield or healing items between eliminations. This is easier said than done, and probably a challenge players will complete without even realizing it. Once players have completed all of week three’s challenges, they can look ahead to what they will need to accomplish in week four, again thanks to @iFireMonkey.

“Fish with explosives” might be our favorite of the ten. Catching fish using dynamite might earn you the label of poor sport in real life, but not on Fortnite Island. “Deal damage to players while riding in a Motorboat” will be a fun one to try and get done, too. In our minds, we’re thinking it’ll look like something out of a Bond movie. In reality, it will be a frustrating challenge we will likely give up on and go back to multiple times before getting it done.

Players who have chosen to avoid taking on the bosses added to Fortnite for Season 2 will need to rethink that strategy in week four. The tenth and final challenge of the week is to “collect different boss weapons.” Bosses don’t drop those weapons unless they have been dropped themselves. Plus, players will need to defeat three different bosses to complete the challenge. The good news is that all three defeats don’t need to take place in the same match.

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