Forsen Turns Into Spider-Man While Playing Last Oasis

Survival MMO Last Oasis just dropped and Forsen wasted no time getting into it. Over the past few days, the Twitch streamer has been exploring what the new title has to offer (thanks to his beta access.) Towards the end of his 3rd broadcast featuring Last Oasis, he decided to test out the limits of a rope-slinging apparatus, worn on the character’s wrist.

Forsen lined up at the top of a mountain, took aim at some trees, stated, “we have to practice our Spider-Man slings,” and the rest is history.

Just as Icarus flew too close to the sun, so did Forsen fly too high above the trees – sticking the landing a little less than gracefully. At the very least, he got some childlike joy out of the maneuver before eventually slamming into the ground at full-speed.

Based on the environment, you’d think that Tarzan would be the easiest comparison. However, the ridiculous distance that Forsen managed to fling his character across resembled something you’d expect out of Spider-Man 2.

In Last Oasis, key elements include scavenging, pirating, crafting, and trading (kind of like Rust.) The game has some serious Mad Max: Fury Road and Waterworld vibes, allowing players to travel around on rickety contraptions called “walkers.” These “wooden, wind-powered machines” serve as mobile bases.

It also features a good deal of comedic potential thanks to the addition of audio proximity-chat. So far, reviews seem pretty even-handed. Players are enjoying the chaotic social experience, yet remain relatively unimpressed with overall polish. Nevertheless, it is already boasting “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam.

Opinions aside, ironing out the most noticeable bugs is certainly going to be at the top of the developers’ to-do list throughout the near future – as Forsen discovered firsthand.

The glitch his walker experienced is a particularly famous bug, one that birthed a viral meme thanks to GoldenEye 007 way back in 2008 (somebody please add the music to Forsen’s clip.)

Regardless, players are having fun with the new Survival MMO. Certain bugs and glitches are inevitable in ambitious video games, but thankfully we have Twitch streamers like Forsen to find them for us first.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit, YouTube

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