For Honor Is Getting A Prince Of Persia Event

Ubisoft has announced that its historical combat simulator For Honor will be getting a crossover with Prince of Persia soon. Seemingly to promote that VR title that’s coming in the near future, this event will allow players to engage in various quests and game modes that are all centered on the long-forgotten series. The festivities kick off today and will run until April 2, 2020.

The Blades of Persia event will have a second chapter that starts on March 19, as well. This will see the Prince “embrace his evil roots” and probably reference Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Just writing all of this out, I hope that Ubisoft is planning some kind of revival for this franchise. It was one of the best trilogies during the PS2 era and it really deserves a chance to shine again.

As with previous events, players will be able to unlock different rewards that are themed around Prince of Persia. Ratash and Sandwraith outfits are the main cosmetics, but a “Blade of Fate” execution animation will let you relive some of those Sands of Time memories. The real draw is a limited-time mode called “Ruler of Time.” This is a spin on Domination that will see one player control the Prince and be given super armor, teleportation powers, and even his slow-motion abilities.

In more recent times, Ubisoft has teased the comeback of some of its popular series and then failed to deliver. Splinter Cell fans know this well, with a crossover happening in Ghost Recon Wildlands and then nothing else. The developer seemingly loves trickling out references to its IPs without really committing to anything.

That’s kind of the vibe I get with this Prince of Persia thing. The character really does make sense in For Honor, but why is this happening out of the blue? Players have been dying to get a new installment (and some even want a continuation of the 2008 reboot/sequel), yet the only thing happening is a crossover in an unrelated title?

Maybe there are plans for a sequel and Ubisoft is just building momentum. At any rate, here’s hoping something good happens from all of this.

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