Finally Walk Around VR Worlds With Cybershoes

Virtual reality is only getting better, and the Oculus Quest 2 shows that it’s also getting more affordable. Gone are the days when VR was only a novelty thing you could experience at tourist traps. Yet as VR for the home becomes more viable, some of its shortcomings become more apparent. For instance, that way you move around in a VR space. Some games let you free roam with the aid of a control stick, but many still use the immersion-breaking teleport. Well now technology has the answer: Cybershoes.

Cybershoes are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a shoe-like peripheral that slips on your feet and applies your leg movements in VR. It works by using a small wireless device that attaches to the Quest/Quest 2 and reads what you do with your feet. Concepts show people sitting down and moving their legs back and forth to walk in-game.

Cybershoes have actually existed for some time as a wired device, but today’s announcement reveals the wireless version. A Kickstarter campaign will open up later this year to act as a pre-order system for Cybershoes. However, the company already put out a Software Development Kit to urge game developers to integrate Cybershoes compatibility into their games.

One developer already took the opportunity – Vertigo Games is going to make Arizona Sunshine Cybershoe compatible. Part of the reasoning behind this is the hope that Cybershoes will help with VR sickness. Being able to more naturally move about the world and have it feel like normal walking may take away that notion of motion sickness.

Those interested in Cybershoes, and who want to learn when the Kickstarter campaign will go live, can follow @CybershoesVR on Twitter.

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