Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Has Fixed The Infamous Door

Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans rejoice – Intergrade has fixed the original’s infamous door texture.

A post on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reddit shows the new door texture with an off-screen screenshot. Whoever posted the picture seems to have gotten an early copy of the game considering it doesn’t release until next week.

In the original release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’d likely have been in complete awe of the game’s graphics until you came to Midgar’s slums and were shown to your room by Tifa. There, instead of seeing the door to your room, you would have been confronted with a mess of textures that just about resembled what it was supposed to.

This drew the ire of fans, who pointed out how sloppy it looked compared to the rest of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Ever since the game’s original release, players have jokingly called out the door as the most important thing that needed fixing, which only continued when the PS5 port of the game was revealed.

The door in Intergrade seems to have a completely new texture, or at the very least has had the original texture completely redone so that it now actually looks like a door rather than some sort of blurry portal to another world. Fans on the Final Fantasy Reddit have been pretty shocked to find out that the door was actually meant to be wooden in the original release, as can be seen with this new texture.

All jokes aside it’s an early sign that Intergrade has gone to the effort of increasing the resolution of its textures. Although the door is used as a bit of a joke, it’s true that one of the most consistent issues with the original release was its poor texturing.

In other exciting Final Fantasy news, one of the major E3 rumours is that Square Enix is gearing up to reveal Final Fantasy Origins, which is rumoured to be a souls-like set in the world of the first Final Fantasy.

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