Final Fantasy 14's 5.4 Update Releases In Early December

Square Enix has revealed when the next big content update for Final Fantasy XIV will go live. During its latest Letter from the Producer broadcast, the publisher confirmed that Patch 5.4 for the popular MMO, titled Futures Rewritten, will release in early December, and it’ll introduce a wealth of additional content to the Shadowbringers expansion.

Among other things, Patch 5.4 will add new main story quests. As Square Enix describes, “Following the grand conclusion of the Shadowbringers story in Patch 5.3, players will set out on a new adventure” in the December update. The patch will also introduce the third installment in the Eden raid series, as well as the next chapter in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline.

Beyond that, Patch 5.4 will also bring the dreaded Emerald Weapon to Final Fantasy XIV. Players will be able to challenge it in both normal and extreme difficulties. There will also be a new dungeon, Matoya’s Relict, which is going to be part of the new main story questline. On top of that, the patch will introduce a new Unreal trial and a new Explorer mode that lets you venture around dungeons to take screenshots without have to worry about dealing with enemies.

Other changes coming in Patch 5.4: Violins will be added to the range of playable instruments; the Blue Mage job will receive numerous tweaks, including an increased level cap; the Triple Triad minigame is getting revised match rules and new limited-time tournaments; and more.

In the meantime, Patch 5.35 will arrive this week, on October 13. That update will bring its own assortment of new content to the game, including the next chapter in the Save the Queen questline and the new Bozjan Southern Front battle content. You can read more about the upcoming patches on Square Enix’s website.

Beyond the new content updates, Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV will be backwards compatible with PS5, and it’ll enjoy some enhancements on the newer console. According to the publisher, the game will load much quicker on PS5, and players will be able to use its PS4 Pro display settings when playing it on Sony’s next-gen system.

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