Final Fantasy 14 Players Gather In-Game To Pay Tribute To Kentaro Miura

Final Fantasy 14 players are holding a memorial in-game in honor of late manga artist Kentaro Miura.

Tragic news broke this week revealing iconic manga artist Kentaro Miura had passed away at the age of just 54. Most well-known for Berserk, Miura has been working on the series since the late ’80s, since which it has gone on to sell 40 million copies worldwide. While Miura didn’t work in the video game world, he had a direct link to it through his work on Berserk, as has once again been demonstrated following his death.

A number of Final Fantasy 14 players have been gathering in-game as a tribute to Miura. As you can see from the screenshots below, the players are lining the streets and wherever else they can find a spot as dark knights. Needless to say, it’s pretty crowded as more and more people arrive to virtually pay their respects.

Miura’s work on Berserk was a big influence on the Final Fantasy series, most notably Final Fantasy 7. If you haven’t read the manga, odds are you will find a number of similarities between the two if you do. Other video game series to take from Miura’s work include Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls, Monster Hunter, and probably more than we could possibly list right here.

Although Miura passed away two weeks ago, news of his passing was not officially revealed until today. Young Animal Comics revealed via Berserk’s official Twitter account that Miura suffered an acute aortic dissection. “The news of Miura’s sudden passing has blanketed the Young Animal editorial department in deep sadness,” the statement reads. The news is shocking and incredibly sad, but hopefully, players of other games influenced by Miura’s work pay their respects as the Final Fantasy 14 community has done above.

While in-game tributes to people who have passed away are nothing new, they are always incredibly touching. Especially when it was to someone not directly connected to the series, but who clearly influenced it via their work like Miura. Less than a year ago, World of Warcraft players performed in-game tributes to Reckful. Reckful was a well-known WoW streamer and tributes to him almost crashed the game’s servers last year.

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