Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Charm And Unique Accessory

There are a lot of accessories in Final Fantasy 13, with each one affecting your party's stats in different ways. In this guide, we're going to take a look at Charms and some of the more unique accessories.

Charms will allow you to absorb a specific type of damage depending on which you use, whilst the unique accessories all have a different effect, such as improved potions or an ATB advantage.

How To Find Every Charm In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Fire CharmRandom: Fire EaterArchylte Steppe
Ice CharmRandom: Ice EaterArchylte Steppe, Mah'Habara
Lightning CharmRandom: Lightning EaterArchylte Steppe
Water CharmRandom: Water EaterArchylte Steppe, Sulyya Springs
Wind CharmRandom: Wind EaterArchylte Steppe
Earth CharmRandom: Earth EaterArchylte Steppe
Twenty-Sided DieRandom: Nullify DamageAny other CharmMnar Stone48

Treasure Sphere Locations (Archylte Steppe)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The treasure spheres containing the charms on the Archylte Steppe can mostly be reached without a Chocobo, but are guarded by powerful monsters. It's unlikely you'll be able to claim these accessories during your first visit to the Archylte Steppe.

  • Fire Charm: The southwestern section of the Archylte Steppe, the Western Benchland has a large area to the south. Check the westernmost part of this subsection for a treasure sphere.
  • Ice Charm: The southwestern section of the Archylte Steppe, the Western Benchland has a large area to the south. The Ice Charm is slightly west of the center of this subsection.
  • Lightning Charm: This treasure sphere can be found just after crossing into the Western Benchland from the Central Expanse.
  • Water Charm: After completing Mark Mission 12, a new area will become available south of the Central Expanse. Follow it all the way to the end to claim a Water Charm.
  • Wind Charm: Look in the northeast region of the Archylte Steppe's Central Expanse.
  • Earth Charm: The northeast section of the Archylte Steppe, the Eastern Tors, hides this treasure sphere at its easternmost edge.

Treasure Sphere Locations (Other)

  • Ice Charm: After defeating Hecatoncheir in Mah'Habara, continue along the main path. You'll soon come across a treasure sphere containing an Ice Charm.
  • Water Charm: If your party is tough enough to defeat the Ceratosaurs in Sulyya Springs' Subterranean Lake, examine the edge of the water to cause two islands to emerge. One contains the Water Charm, but is guarded by powerful monsters you may not be able to defeat on your first visit to the area.

How To Find Every Unique Accessory In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst NeededTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Whistlewind ScarfATB AdvantageMoogleworks1,000 gilPalamecia, Yaschas Massif
Aurora ScarfFirst StrikeWhistlewind ScarfRhodocrosite
Nimbletoe BootsImproved EvasionMoogleworks6,000 gilAurora ScarfCobaltite
Gold WatchTime Extension64
Champion's BadgeVictory: TP ChargeEden
Survivalist CatalogShroud Scavenger15
Collector CatalogItem ScavengerMoogleworks100,000 gilSurvivalist CatalogUraniniteTaejin's Tower8
Connoisseur CatalogItem CollectorCollector CatalogMnar Stone
Hunter's FriendKill: Libra45
Speed SashKill: ATB ChargeMoogleworks10,000 gilHunter's FriendUraniniteArchylte Steppe21, 43, 58
Energy SashKill: TP ChargeSpeed SashMnar Stone1, 59
Doctor's CodeImproved PotionsThe Sunleth Waterscape41
Growth EggDouble CP55
Genji GloveUncapped Damage51, 62, 63

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Doctor's Code: In the first area of Chapter 6, be sure to take the side path to your left between the second and third save points. You'll find the Doctor's Code there. It's the only one for a long time, so don't miss it!
  • Whistlewind Scarf: In Chapter 9, the perspective shifts between two parties. After the second segment with Sazh and Vanille ends and you're back to Lightning and company, immediately turn around and check the far wall of the room for a treasure sphere.
  • Whistlewind Scarf: The treasure sphere sits at the southernmost point of Yaschas Massif, in the farthest chamber of the Paddraean Archaeopolis.
  • Speed Sash: Starting in the Central Expanse area of the Archylte Steppe, head west until you cross into the Western Benchlands. Turn north until you find yourself in the Eastern Tors, and continue north into a small secluded area that contains a Speed Sash.
  • Collector Catalog: After defeating Dahaka in Taejin's Tower, a Menhirrim will activate granting you access to the seventh floor. Go there to find a Collector's Catalog along the main path.
  • Champion's Badge: In the Siren's Park area of Chapter 12, turn around just before leaving for Leviathan Plaza. Take the left-hand path, then take your first right and follow the path to the end to claim the Champion's Badge.
  • Collector Catalog: After completing Mark Mission 30, a new area will become available to explore past Aggra's Pasture in the Archylte Steppe. You'll need a Chocobo to get there. Once you arrive in the Haerii Archaeopolis, stick to the right-hand wall until you come upon a treasure sphere. Open it to get a Collector Catalog.

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