Final Fantasy 10-2: Where To Listen To All Of Maechen’s Stories

During your adventure with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine in Final Fantasy 10-2, there will be times where you run into an old man named Maechen. You might remember him from Final Fantasy 10 if you have played that previously. Each time you meet him, Maechen has a story to tell you.

Listening to all of Maechen’s stories without interrupting him will earn you the Good Listener achievement/trophy. This means not pressing any buttons to skip the dialog, in fact, the best course of action is to put down your controller so you don’t accidentally do this. We’ve got all of Maechen’s locations listed right here.

Chapter 1: Mushroom Rock Road

Outside of the Youth League Headquarters at Mushroom Rock Road, you can speak to Maechen after speaking to Lucil. Be warned, Maechen’s story will last roughly six minutes.

Options will appear on the screen while Maechen is talking but do not press anything, not even the one telling him to continue. Do nothing until he asks to shake your hand. At this point, select “Of course”.

Chapter 3: Guadosalam

During Chapter 3, you can find Maechen in Logos’ room at the back of LeBlanc’s headquarters. Make sure you don’t interrupt him/push any buttons while listening to his story.

Chapter 4: Airship

In Chapter 4, after Yuna has performed her concert in the Thunder Plains as part of the storyline, you can find Maechen on the bridge of the airship. Speak with him and hear his story again without stopping him.

Chapter 5: Zanarkand

Speak with Maechen one final time in Zanarkand, making sure not to skip or interrupt his story, and then the Good Listener achievement/trophy will unlock.

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