FIFA 20 Update: PS4 and Xbox patch notes for new download released today

EA Sports has released a new FIFA 20 Update on PS4 and Xbox One this morning.

The update is 4.7 GB on Xbox One and 4.3 GB on PS4 with reports confirmed via players on the games FIFA 20 Sub-Reddit.

At the time of writing, EA Sports has not communicated any details about the latest release, with no updates shared from the games support account on Twitter, FIFA Direct Communication.

We would suspect that this update is FIFA 20 Title Update 13, which is actually v1.17.

This update was released previously for PC players last week, but didn't make its way to PS4 or Xbox One consoles.

So we would imagine that the majority of bug fixes and changes are the same as those shared in the Title Update 13 patch notes.

The official patch notes confirmed a number of gameplay tweaks, such as animations when jockeying for the ball, better analog precision in online matches and 'Slightly' reduced sprint sensitivity.

One of the more interesting changes concerns ping, allowing users to see and better understand how whether a potential match will be smooth as butter or lagging like crazy.

For the time being, we imagine the below patch notes represent the latest changes on PS4 and Xbox One, but stand by because we might get some updated patch notes from EA Sports later today.

For the time being, keep reading to take a look at the most recent patch notes, as released by EA Sports for Title Update 13



Made the following changes:

  • Players will no longer perform contextual grabbing animations while in a Jockey state.
  • Slightly increased precision of magnitude of analog stick inputs in online matches.
    • This change is most noticeable when aiming a penalty kick during an online match.
  • Slightly reduced sprint sensitivity.
  • Addressed the following issues:

    • Following a Skill Move and while still in possession of the ball, players would sometimes perform a tackle instead of a requested shot.
    • Addressed rare instances of a ball boy taking a long time to return the ball for a throw in.


    Made the following changes:

    • Added a numerical ping indicator measured in milliseconds to online match lobbies in modes that use data centers.
      • The ping bars remain on the lobby screen and represent the following values:
        • 5 bars indicate 30 milliseconds or less.
        • 4 bars indicate 31 – 76 milliseconds.
        • 3 bars indicate 77 – 100 milliseconds.
        • 2 bars indicate 101 – 150 milliseconds.
        • 1 bar indicates 150 milliseconds or more.
      • Added a Traits tab to the Player Details pop up, detailing all of the Traits that the selected Player Item has.
      • Addressed the following issue:

        • Level 30 Seasonal Objective Player Item rewards were incorrectly displaying an out of contracts icon, this was a visual issue only.

        Career Mode

        Addressed the following issues:

        • Some elements of the Premier League presentation package remained on screen during gameplay.
        • Removed out of place text on CONMEBOL related News stories.


        Made the following change:

        • Removed running celebrations.


        • Updates to multiple kits.

        Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback. Throughout the course of the FIFA 20 season we'll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available.

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