Far Cry 6 Gameplay Reveal Set For This Friday

Far Cry 6 is finally ready to show off a bit of gameplay, with an official reveal set for May 28. Originally set to release this past February, the game has been hit with pandemic-related delays and is expected to launch sometime before March 2022.

Despite an original launch date of February, we’re yet to see the game in action. Only CGI teaser trailers have been released so far, making May 28 a big day for fans of the series. Little is known about Far Cry 6 beyond its main antagonist – played by Giancarlo Esposito – and it’ll be interesting to see how the game is shaping up after a seemingly rocky development.

The Far Cry 6 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal Livestream will air at 9:30am PDT and 6:30pm CEST on May 28. There’s no indication as to how long the presentation will run, although you can check out a teaser trailer ahead of its airing:

Ubisoft was hit with a bit of bad news earlier this month when Marc McGinley – a senior game designer on Far Cry 6 – left the studio. It’s unknown why he decided to depart the company, although he did announce that, “It’s been a pleasure to have worked with so many talented folks across a number of brands.”

Prior to McGinley’s departure, several fans and insiders were speculating Far Cry 6 would release on May 25 or April 30 – both of which turned out to be false. Let’s hope the gameplay reveal also comes with a release date announcement so we can finally mark a date on our calendar.

Far Cry 6 will take players to the fictional island of Yara, a Caribbean island inspired by real-world Cuba. Dictator Anton Castillo – played by Esposito – rules over the island with an iron fist, while grooming his son Diego to take his place in the future. Meanwhile, you’ll step into the shoes of a local soldier attempting to overthrow the dictator and bring freedom to the island.

Expect to learn more about Yara, Castillo, and the conflict at the heart of Far Cry 6 during its gameplay reveal this Friday.

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