Everything You Need To Know About Every Hades Romance Option

Hades is the game that everyone is talking about, and for good reason. This dungeon crawler adventure has a stunning art style, fluid combat, and characters that you can’t help but to drool over. The fact that you can romance some of those thirsty-inducing characters doesn’t help that drool factor, but it makes us pretty happy nonetheless. For those looking to bag a god, here’s what you need to know about all of the romance options in Hades and how to get those brownie (ambrosia?) points.

Who can you romance in Hades

While this game doesn’t do romance quite in the same way as full-fledged RPGs out there, it’s still an awesomely immersive feature that makes this adventure even more magical. So which gods are up for some of that sweet, sweet lovin’? Let’s start with my personal favorite: Meg. 

Megaera is a Fury and your very first boss fight boss fight. With her stone-cold exterior influenced by her past and her badass combat skills, she’s a downright treasure. Her interactions with Dusa are also adorable and as conversation progresses, you’ll see a very different side to this particular character.

For those interested in romancing without committing, you can pursue her and then later make the decision to take it further or keep it on a friendly basis. She’s pretty awesome though, and her history with our protagonist Zagreus adds a level of intrigue that’s hard to ignore. You can begin her path of romance pretty early on as well with gifts, which we’ll explain later.

Thanatos is a close second in terms of favorites, but he’s not available until a little later in the gamer, whereas Meg is met early on. One thing that drew me to this character romantically is the fact that he couldn’t be further from Zagreus in terms of personality: Zaggy-poo is sassy, reckless, and determined whereas Thanatos is, like Meg at times, cold and extremely calculated. That being said, the interactions with Zagreus meets in the middle in a way that makes sense. They balance each other out nicely, and their romance feels incredibly organic. 

When you first meet this character, you will be challenged to wipe out as many foes as possible to see who wins. To pursue him, you’ll see him moseying about the House of Hades. He’s also one of those characters that falls hard, so you’ll know when he’s interested. 

Dusa is the third and final romance options for our beloved protagonist, an adorable character that is shy, pure (surprising), and more than we deserve. You may think she’s unromancable when you first meet her because she’ll disappear out of her shyness, but eventually she comes around. She crushes hard on Zagreus and it’s honestly too cute for words. At the same time though, I couldn’t particularly romance her, she felt more like a little sister to me than anything. Which actually works out, because her romance is a little left of center. 

She likes you, really likes you, but when it comes down to that bedroom scene to solidify the romance, she’ll say that she doesn’t see him romantically (which is odd, given previous interactions). That being said, our protag is a gentleman, and the pair end up being incredibly close friends based on respect and mutual appreciation. 

How to romance characters in Hades

Like with many games that offer a romance feature, you buy your love! While playing through the underworld and beyond, in-game gifts will be acquired and sought out. In order to get the above three characters to see you as more than just a friend, you’re going to need to butter them up with gifts to get them talking. 

In order to get the gift of Nectar, players can find them during their many escape attempts from the underworld as well as bought off the Broker and by trading fish after acquiring the fishing rod. Get the gifts as you need them and then the option to gift those to Meg, Thanatos, and Dusa will appear below the Talk queue. Max out your romance interest’s dialogue option and you’re ready to take that relationship to the next level. And you’ll know it’s serious because the next step is Ambrosia as the final gift. Ooh la la! 

And that’s what you need to know about the romance options in Hades! What are your thoughts on this indie wonder? Are you among the many players that are saying this is their game of the year? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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