Esports Life Tycoon Lets You Manage An Esports Team

Earning fame and fortune as part of an Esports team is the dream for a lot of us. Who wouldn’t want to trade in their job to go out and play games 24/7, not to mention earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process? Unfortunately, doing that in the real world is difficult. Thankfully, Esports Life Tycoon will let you manage a world-class Esports team without all of the tedious time commitment.

Esports Tycoon was released back on September 3 for the PC, and is also available for Android and iOS. Esports are big business, sometimes bringing in prize pools of $1 million for teams to compete for. As with other sports, there is also a lot of drama. Both on the league side and on the team side—with players being traded between teams, leagues changing rules, and huge corporate sponsorships on the line.

Much like Fifa or Madden, Esports Life Tycoon lets you jump right into the middle of the drama, the action, and the glory that are part of the sport. Once you’ve decided to take on the challenge of being a manager, you can either choose to create your own team (complete with shield design) or pick a real-world team to manage.

From there, you will manage the team’s training regimen, the players, the team’s tactics, and also participate in league business—like choosing hero bans. Speaking of which, your team will be playing a sort-of League of Legends game, so knowing how that game works will give you a huge leg up on the competition in Esports Life Tycoon.

Of course, there is a lot more to professional gaming than just the game. You’ll need to house your digital all-stars and provide them with the accommodations and amenities that will help them perform at their best when millions of dollars are on the line. That means customizing living and playing space, purchasing equipment, and hiring other coaches to help you in your climb to the top.

The game’s recent reviews on Steam are very positive, with older reviews being mixed. That being said, if you’re a fan of Esports, we think that you’ll enjoy Esports Life Tycoon. You can purchase the base game for $19.99 and a deluxe edition for $53.92 right now.

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