Encased Is Basically A Spiritual Sequel To Old School Fallout, Coming This Year

Encased is an isometric, dystopian sci-fi RPG set in an alternative 1976 where humanity discovers a vast artifact of unknown origin. The Dome, as the discovery is called, houses all kinds of advanced technology, and you only have to step inside to get access. The catch? Nobody has ever been able to leave.

The trailer shows a company called CRONUS – The Committee for Researching Objects of Non-Usual Source – who hopes to unlock the secrets of the Dome. You’re going to create your own CRONUS employee and delve into the structure to help.

Encased features distinct classes which are all built around CRONUS jobs: the Black Wing, which is all about guns and violence; the Blue Wing, which is for engineering; the White Wing, which is for doctors, scientists, and mathematicians; the Orange Wing, which is for roguish former criminals; and the Silver Wing, which is for management and finance.

I can not emphasise this enough: it’s basically old-school Fallout. It even has power armour that’s probably strong against bullets, but weak against ZeniMax lawyers.

The developer, Dark Crystal Games, is a new independent studio made up of 30 developers and based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The official website calls Encased a “tribute to Roadside Picnic and the original Fallout games.”

Encased is releasing for PC in September 2021.

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